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Help One Now

Meet Naiderson. My sons and I watched this video together.

I do not want them growing up not knowing the needs that exist around the world. I’m also trying to instill in them biblical principles.

God teaches us not to forget the poor or the orphans. (James 1:27)

I’m trying to serve in any way I can which is why I am now a Help One Now blogger.

This is all voluntary. I do not get paid to blog for any organization. I do this on my own accord as a way of giving back and helping in some small way.

God has given me the gift of writing and I want to sow it back to Him.

The Lord seems to be reminding me lately about the necessity and importance of children receiving an education.

I just finished reading and reviewing a book called Creating Room To Read by John Woods which is about the importance of education. Mostly, children living in poverty around the world who do not have access to books or schools.

Help One Now is helping children in Haiti which Unicef reports the education statistics are very bleak.

When we watched the video of Naiderson, we were very sad. After the earthquake in Haiti, it left children like Naiderson without schools.

I’ve learned by John Wood and Nick Kristof that children receiving an education is one of the ways to break the cycle of poverty.

In the days ahead, I will be blogging more about the work Help One Now is involved in and how you can get involved or help.

If you are moved to give, just click on the photo above to donate towards this cause. Any amount will be helpful and appreciated.


Stop Making Excuses

Lately people have been saying they don’t know how I do it all. How they wish they had the time to do something they love.  

I thought to myself… what is stopping them from doing what they love? What is getting in their way of pursuing something they are passionate about or enjoy?

But then I remembered  I was one of those people. A spectator standing on the sidelines watching others pursue what they enjoyed.

Here’s the thing, no one was stopping me from pursuing what I enjoyed.  Excuses were.

Courtesy of Creative Commons

God gives us twenty-four hours a day. What are we doing in and with those twenty-four hours?

Is all the time going to work? Or are we wasting time on other things or activities that could be replaced by something we love doing instead? Are we managing or stewarding our time properly? Are we disciplined?

You see my friends, what it all comes down to is choice.

I choose to get up an hour and a half earlier to spend time with the Lord and do what I love.

Is this easy? Absolutely not. It’s a sacrifice.

But I made a choice. I decided getting up early and carving out time in my day to do what I love is important to me.  

I sat down one day and thought about how I could incorporate time to work toward something I love without it eating into my job, obligations or family time. 

I came up with a plan, that I would either get up an hour earlier or stay up an hour later consistently. I was committed to taking a small portion of my time daily to work toward my goals or dreams.

But I always make sure to spend alone time with God first before I do anything. This sets the tone for my day. Then I move into something I love, enjoy or am passionate about for the remainder of the time.

Please understand that even committing a half an hour a day is better than nothing. You have to start somewhere and stick with it no matter what.

I promise you, that if you do this consistently, you will see a difference and feel better too.  

Do you feel stuck or unfulfilled? What are some small changes can you make or steps you can take to change this?

The One Who Had Been

Then they came to Jesus, and saw the one who had been demon-possessed and had the legion, sitting and clothed and in his right mind. And they were afraid. Mark 5:15

I read the above scripture and meditated on the words, “the one who had been”.

Courtesy of Creative Commons

The one who had been demon-possessed and had a legion, was sitting with Jesus in his right mind.


Only someone who has been delivered can jump up and praise Him.

Yes, I was delivered from much.

I willingly walked into the devil’s camp and did some things I’m not proud of.

I look back and see the hand of God and His mercy allowing me to do so, because He wanted me to know Him and His power.

I’m not into the hokey pokey magic, fortune telling, divination, name it and claim it Christianity. I speak against all that new age spiritualism.

God taught me a lot through my spiritual experiences, in crossing the threshold.

The spiritual realm is real. Spiritual warfare is real. What you see isn’t all there is.

If you are truly living as a Christian, whether you like it or not, you are in a war.

This morning while walking to work I was listening to the Daily Audio Bible which is my practice. Brian Hardin read the above verse from the gospel of Mark.

As I was listening, the Lord opened my eyes to see the spiritual realm for a moment. I saw various people in bondage to the devil. One disheveled woman was yelling on the top of her lungs, another man was talking to a wall, another man was cursing and speaking profanities at everyone around him.

For whatever reason, these manifestations where surrounding me and for a minute, I wanted to be like the apostles of old and start laying hands on people and praying for their deliverance. Then I caught myself …

What stopped me? Fear, disbelief and lack of faith.

Yes, I understand some people are mentally ill, but not all people are mentally ill, some people are actually demon possessed.

I started to think about Jesus and the scriptures. I felt a surge rise up from within me, my heart began accelerating, I felt boundless energy. I really wanted to take God at His Word. But then, fear got in the way… I thought, what will people think of me if I stopped and prayed for these people? People who are looked down upon and called crazy.

But God doesn’t think they are crazy, Jesus loves and died for them.

My heart longs to see people set free by the power and blood of Jesus.

Jesus isn’t some historical figure left in some book for us to read.

Jesus is alive, He is real and He has the power to set people free. I truly believe this with all my heart.

I see people every day who are in bondage. I want to speak the oracles of God and allow the Holy Spirit to open their eyes to Jesus.  So they too can be set free and not live entangled by the lies and torment.

Jesus isn’t called the Prince of Peace for nothing. He died on the cross for us, so that we can have abundant life, a life of freedom and not bondage. He wants everyone to be set free, to experience His love, peace and joy.

Jesus holds the key to your deliverance today. Will you believe?

What would happen if we actually took Jesus at His Word?

Yes, I guess some people would think we were a bit extreme and radical even. But, what if we stepped out and prayed for others who are being tormented and living in bondage?

Imagine if we prayed and they were instantly set free?  Wow! Wouldn’t that be amazing to witness? I would LOVE it!

Jesus never changes. He is the same yesterday, today and forevermore. He willingly was crucified on a cross for our salvation, deliverance and freedom.

What kind of love is that? It’s unfathomable! Glory be to God in the highest!

What are your thoughts on this? Do you believe Jesus can deliver people today?

It’s Not About Us

“Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.” James 1:27

I remember when I first read the above bible verse. It was as if the words jumped up from off the page and hit me in the face.

These words went deep into my heart, never to be forgotten.

My heart has always been for the children; the poor, the hungry, the oppressed, the abused, the neglected and the orphans.

This was even before I had children of my own.

My husband remembered my sponsoring children from Compassion International when he first met me.

My desire has been and will always be to help in some small way and make a difference to children in need.

But honestly, I can’t do it alone. I realize that no matter how much I try to help, it isn’t enough.

Recently, a sweet sister in the Lord who lives in Pakistan reached out to me. She is a young girl who has dedicated her life to feed orphans in the town where she lives. The need is so great there and the money she receives unfortunately doesn’t suffice.

I am troubled by this. I am troubled by the fact there are children who are hungry and have no family.

I personally give to the capacity I am able, but again, it’s not enough.

This grieves me and I find myself crying out to God for help.

The burden is great.

Recently, I watched a movie by Tyler Perry called “Good Deeds”. I am happy it had a Hollywood ending, but the entire time I watched, I suffered. There was this one character who was a struggling single mother.  She was evicted from her apartment in the worst way. She became homeless overnight and had to live in her car with her young daughter. It was a sad situation and it broke my heart.

I know there are countless women in the USA alone in dire straits, trying to make ends meet to feed and care for their children or are homeless and living in shelters.

The needs are great.

Which is why I became a Compassion International blogger, because I want to make a difference somehow and in some way to help children around the world.

As I’ve mentioned in the past, my dream isn’t about me, my blog isn’t about me, my writing isn’t about me. It’s all about Jesus, His dream and His heart for His children throughout the world.

My life isn’t about me, it’s about Jesus. It’s about living His Word to the best of my ability. His Word is the rulebook for our life. As Christians, we need to follow what it says and not live our lives according to ourselves, our dreams, our motivations or our desires.

We are to live our lives helping and serving others, being the hands and feet for Jesus on earth.

This is why the above verse means so much to me, because I believe this is God’s heart and dream for mankind.

For those of us who say we love Jesus, we are to love what He loves and obey His Word by caring for the widows and orphans.

We must realize that God’s dream is much bigger than our own dreams. The gifts He gives us is not to be used for ourselves, for our gain or recognition, but for His cause and His cause alone.

We all can do our part and make a difference, even if it is just donating a dollar to help a hungry child. Any little bit would help.

Won’t you join Children International by helping them fulfill God’s commission here on earth by donating any amount or sponsoring a child today?

Alternate Reality

Last week, a very special and precious young lady, the daughter of faithful missionary friends of mine passed away suddenly in a tragic car accident.

The following day I went to work and found out a young co-worker’s husband passed away unexpectedly, leaving her and two year old child behind.

Both tragedies left my mind spinning and my heart rend.

I realize an alternate reality is just a step away.

Courtesy of Creative Commons


Earth is not our home. We are just pilgrims passing through.

The Bible says, our citizenship is in Heaven. (Philippians 3:20)

2 Corinthians 5:1-8 For we know that if our earthly house of this tabernacle were dissolved, we have a building of God, an house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens. For in this we groan, earnestly desiring to be clothed upon with our house which is from heaven: If so be that being clothed we shall not be found naked. For we that are in this tabernacle do groan, being burdened: not for that we would be unclothed, but clothed upon, that mortality might be swallowed up of life. Now he that hath wrought us for the selfsame thing is God, who also hath given unto us the earnest of the Spirit.

We think we have tomorrow, but tomorrow may never come. Tomorrow is not promised.

So do we lose heart or hope?  God forbid. Our hope is in Christ. Christ in us, the hope of glory. (Colossians 1:27)

As we traverse the earth, the kingdom of God is within us.

We live in an alternate reality.

In a split second, we cross the veil and into eternity.

As children of God, we live in two worlds simultaneously.

Our flesh is on earth and our spirits in Heaven. Two realms colliding.

The time we have here is unknown, but as carriers of His glory, we must live in this truth.

For what is unseen is more real than what we see.

We must live each day as if it’s our last and shine the love of God. Shedding hope and love abroad man’s hearts wherever we go.

My dream is for revival.

I have been praying for the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit to touch those who don’t know Jesus in a life changing way.

His love and kindness leads us to repentance. (Romans 2:4)

If we are alive, our purpose is to live for Him, serve Him and lead others to Him.

In memory and honor of those who recently crossed over, I am even more determined to live my life passionately for the cause of Christ.

In conclusion, I want to share a song which has been ministering to me. I hope it blesses you.

Do you want to live a life surrendered to Jesus Christ? Do you want to be used for His glory? Do you want lead others to Jesus?


Creating Room To Read by John Wood

Hardcover: 320 pages
Publisher: Viking Adult (February 7, 2013)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0670025984
ISBN-13: 978-0670025985
Price: $27.95
Purchase: Amazon | BN








The inspirational story of a former Microsoft executive’s quest to build libraries around the world and share the love of books.

What’s happened since John Wood left Microsoft to change the world? Just ask six million kids in the poorest regions of Asia and Africa. In 1999, at the age of thirty-five, Wood quit a lucrative career to found the nonprofit Room to Read. Described by the San Francisco Chronicle as “the Andrew Carnegie of the developing world,” he strived to bring the lessons of the corporate world to the nonprofit sector—and succeeded spectacularly.

In his acclaimed first book, Leaving Microsoft to Change the World, Wood explained his vision and the story of his start-up. Now, he tackles the organization’s next steps and its latest challenges—from managing expansion to raising money in a collapsing economy to publishing books for children who literally have no books in their native language. At its heart, Creating Room to Read shares moving stories of the people Room to Read works to help: impoverished children whose schools and villages have been swept away by war or natural disaster and girls whose educations would otherwise be ignored.

People at the highest levels of finance, government, and philanthropy will embrace the opportunity to learn Wood’s inspiring business model and blueprint for doing good. And general readers will love Creating Room to Read for its spellbinding story of one man’s mission to put books within every child’s reach.


I first learned of John Wood several months ago while watching a program called “Half the Sky” with Nick Kristof and his beautiful wife Sheryl WuDunn. The program is based on a book they both wrote together. Much like John Wood, they are doing a marvelous work around the world.

I began following Nick Kristof because he is an activist against child sex slavery in countries such as Cambodia, India, etc. Both he and his wife are proactive in girls being educate around the world, especially in oppressed nations.

On the program, Nick Kristof interviewed John Wood about the wonderful work he is doing through his nonprofit organization called Room to Read.

Creating Room To Read chronicles John Wood’s journey with Room to Read. He shares his life and the stories of various children. He also shares his vision and desire for every child to be able to read and have books. Thus, promoting global literacy.

I am inspired by his heart, devotion and sacrifice. I truly believe he and his team at Room To Read are doing an amazing job in changing the lives of so many children worldwide.

Creating Room To Read will motivate you to want to make a difference. I believe if we all did our part and donated to Room to Read, we could make John Wood’s vision come true.

I challenge you to read this book, it is life changing.

In conclusion, I want to thank Viking Penguin for sending me a complimentary copy of this book to review.

John Wood worked for Microsoft for nine years, helping grow the company’s international profile. He resigned at thirty-five and founded Room to Read, which is widely regarded as one of the world’s top nonprofit organizations. He documented his decision and the creation of Room to Read in his memoir, Leaving Microsoft to Change the World. He lives in New York City.

Pinterest Savvy by Melissa Taylor

File Size: 1216 KB
Print Length: 55 pages
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
Language: English
Price: $4.97
Purchase: Amazon





You’ll learn:
–> How to attract more followers & increase brand awareness
–> How to achieve marketing and sales goals
–> Business-specific strategies
–> Success stories & tactics
–> Secrets from top Pinners

Pinterest Savvy: How I Got 1 Million+ Followers (Strategies, Plans, and Tips, to Grow Your Business with Pinterest) offers a comprehensive look at how to achieve success on Pinterest.

Author, Melissa Taylor, draws on her expertise as a top Pinterest user with over 1 million followers, shows how to get started and gain skills on Pinterest, and reveals her secrets to getting lots of followers.

Along the way, you’ll hear from other Pinterest experts like popular blogger Amy at Living Locurto and the social media team at PBS. Plus, you’ll learn business-specific tips and see real-life examples.

To help you achieve your goals, use free chapter guides available on


Have you ever thought about starting a Pinterest account, but were not sure how to go about it? Well then, Pinterest Savvy is for you.

I admit I was very limited in what I knew about Pinterest until I read Pinterest Savvy.

The diva of Pinterest, Melissa Taylor shares her tips, strategies and how she got one million plus followers.

This wonderful book takes you step by step from start to finish on how to grow your business on Pinterest.

This is a unique and fabulous resource which I highly recommend.

Melissa Taylor is an award-winning educator and writer. She writes primarily about education, children’s literature, and technology for publications online and in print such as,
Scholastic Parent and Child,, Colorado Parent Magazine, and others. Her first bookBook Love: Help Your Child Grow from Reluctant to Enthusiastic Reader, was published November 2012 to critical acclaim.






Who Are You Following?

People tell me I’m passionate about Jesus and the things of God. And they are right. I simply can’t help myself.

He is my passion.

So much so, I am willing to follow Him, even if it means saying goodbye to what is familiar.

Courtesy of Creative Commons

Which is what I did this weekend, after much prayer.

All this time, I have been following other people’s formula’s for success. I followed the “successful” people to build my platform, tribe, audience and subscribers.

Until God jolted me awake by allowing some disappointing incidences to occur with the people I was following. People I respected and admired.

God reminded me that He is a jealous God. He wanted me to quit idolizing them and stop following their prescriptions for success too.

He said, His ways are not their ways. He told me to follow Him.

I realize my calling isn’t going to be like other people.

What may have worked for these successful people, may not work for everyone and it doesn’t make them any less of a person either.

My husband reminded me the other day that I never felt comfortable with the whole platform and tribe building thing in the first place. I just settled and went along with it because everyone else was. But it was never my thing.

I didn’t start a blog or writing to build a platform, tribe or become someone famous or successful.

My whole purpose to writing and starting a blog was ministry. To use my gifts to the glory of God, to serve, help, encourage, inspire others and point them to Jesus. That’s it.

It was never my intention to build a big platform, tribe or write a book even. I just got caught up with the whole fervor of it by being part of an online community.

I love the community, but I lost my way.

My purpose is not to chase after anything or anyone or to strive at building a platform, tribe or to become successful by the world’s standard.

My purpose is to serve God with my life and to be a light in the darkness.

I want to live my life in such a way that people will recognize Jesus in me. I don’t want to be a phony, wishy washy, lacking backbone, hypocritical, compromising Christian.  

God has a calling on my life and I want to be obedient to Him.

I am already successful because He lives in me. He walks with me, He talks with me and He shows me the way.

How many Christians can say they hear from God or sense His presence?  

These are the riches the Bible talks about. He isn’t talking about financial prosperity or being successful as the world defines it.

His riches are spiritual.

I can say I’m rich in Him and I wouldn’t trade that for anything in this world. Nothing, absolutely nothing is worth it to me. I rather be a nobody for the rest of my life and have what I have in Him, then to be a somebody by the world’s standard and chasing after wind.

I do not want to be one of those people who Jesus says, “Depart from me, I never knew you.” (Matthew 7:23)

I want to be the one He says, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.” (Matthew 25:21)

What about you?

The Glimpse by Grant Carroll

Paperback: 220 pages
Publisher: Child Refuge Publishing (July 9, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0615644783
ISBN-13: 978-0615644783
Price: $9.97
Purchase: Amazon




The Dream

In 2007, God gave Grant Carroll a critical end times message for the American church through a chilling dream his wife had. Not long after, he began to notice uncanny similarities between the dream and real world events happening to Christians in the news. Grant felt led to turn the dream into a piece of Christian fiction that would grab people’s attention, so they would understand the dire warning of coming persecution, before it’s too late. That story is called The Glimpse, and it’s for youth, young adults, parents,church leaders and the Christian Church at large. Its message is for you.


Would you hold on to faith…if all seemed lost? Austin, Lizzie, Daniel and Jackie are four believers in Christ who are missing something in their spiritual walk, something they can’t find on their own. They see the church dying around them, and they desperately grasp for answers.

Without warning, they are supernaturally transported to a place that looks and feels like the United States they know, but only at first glance. They soon learn that it’s a fascist nation in which Christians and all who oppose the government are severely persecuted. They encounter a small group of teenage believers, secretly persecuted. They encounter a small group of teenage believers, secretly meeting in a high school basement. The believers take them in, and the four friends get a glimpse of a world where the church is almost dead, and faith is all that keeps believers alive.

Along with the group’s leader Eric Peterson, they work to help the fledgling church survive and grow, but danger awaits them at every turn. The clandestine NSA and the National Police have eyes and ears everywhere. It’s a fight to survive, and to find a way home… if there is one.


When the author Grant Carroll emailed me to request if I would be willing to read and review this book, I sensed the Lord nudging me to do so. I am glad I heeded.

The Glimpse is a book every Christian in America should read. As stated above in the description, the author wrote this book as a result of his wife having a prophetic dream.

Before Mr. Carroll contacted me, the Lord had been revealing to me through Scripture, prayer and dreams how our youth is a target of the enemy. The situation is increasingly getting worse in homes, schools and neighborhoods across America.

Although this book is written as fiction, there is much truth being revealed. The Glimpse is prophetic. God is warning His church through the message of this book.

Grant Carroll is an excellent writer and The Glimpse is a timely message.

I highly recommend this book and encourage everyone to read it. You won’t be able to put it down.

Grant Carroll is a freelance writer, playwright, poet and a member of American Christian Fiction Writers. He is a devoted husband and a father of four. Grant and his wife Nikki are founders of Child Refuge, a non-profit ministry with the goal of fighting for the innocence of our children and their future. His prayer is for his life and writing to impact the world for Christ.