Even If It Means Walking Alone…

Who doesn’t like being liked and accepted? We all do. We innately want to be appreciated, accepted and liked by others. Whether it’s our family, friends, co-workers or acquaintances. There is this inner need to be liked.

But, there comes a time when we have to risk not being liked for the sake of integrity. What is the point of living a life void of truth? Truth matters in relationships.

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I’ve always been a seeker of truth. I do not like to live in lies, deception or falsehood. I like real. I like honest. I like truth. Yes, even if it cuts. I rather the truth than a lie.

It’s easy to go through life in a cocoon. It’s safer. You don’t make waves, you don’t offend, you just get along and live stress free.

However, as believers in Christ, we need to live in truth, because the truth is what sets us free. (John 8:32

Too many of us are living in a bubble and trying to escape reality. But, running and escaping isn’t going to get us anywhere and will only prolong the inevitable.

We say we are followers of Christ, but what does that mean?

I’ve learned it means different things to different people. We’d rather make a god of our own understanding rather than follow the God of the Bible.

I guess it all comes down to choices. Just like choosing to tell the truth at the risk of not being liked. When Jesus spoke truth in love, it wasn’t a positive or popular message for people to digest.

The same holds true today. People are still rejecting His message.

We want to chew on the good parts, and spit out the rest. We want to say we are about love and community, but that’s the furthest from reality. Our actions give us away.

Our actions demonstrate that we want an easy God, a god of convenience. We only want to be told nice things and to be liked. We don’t want to live in truth, we don’t want the hard things, even if it’s necessary or right.

Well, this weekend I was faced with a choice. Either to keep silent or speak up. I chose to speak up and risked being liked for the sake of what is true.

Was it easy? No, it was not.

But, I’d rather risk, keep my integrity and walk in truth than be liked or accepted by others.

Even if it means walking alone…

What about you? Have you told the truth even when it was hard and at the cost of being rejected?

  • You’re not alone. 😉 So glad to walk this Christian journey with you!

    • Thank you, Heidi. Glad to be walking with you too dear friend.

  • Lord. let me be prepared and willing to live the hard life and follow you completely! Great stuff Pilar!

  • Diane Rivers

    Oh dear. See, I like to say I’m “just not a confrontational person” and let myself off the hook that way. But now you’ve shined a light on this image management business and pointed out the sin of wanting an easy God. It’s true: Living in truth matters way more than being liked. Thanks for your thoughtful challenge.

    • Thank you for coming by and commenting. I truly appreciate it. 🙂

  • Diane

    For whatever reason, I left my comment below and the wrong picture came up. Hmm. Probably something I did wrong.

  • It’s true, Jesus never told us we would be liked. Very guilty of not wanting to stir up trouble or create a scene, so I just let it go when I should be speaking the truth. I have physical courage–I will throw myself in front of a car to save you—but the courage of speaking the truth, that’s something I really need to work on.

    • I am working on it too, Kathleen. Thank you so much for taking the time to reading my post and commenting. 🙂

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