The Author of Dreams

As the new year approaches, I begin to reflect on the past year. I ponder the things I learned and what I would do differently.

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As I look back some memories are blurry or fuzzy. While other memories stand out and are noteworthy.

This year I took many risks and made a big investment … in my dream.

Do you ever wonder where dreams come from? Why we desire the things we do? What makes us interested in one thing more than the other? Where our passions and desires come from? Why we love what we love?

Who made us this way?

God made us this way. He gives us our gifts, passions, desires, and dreams. God is a creator and master artist.

God is the first and best selling author for eternity. God made you and me to be who we are. He knew us before we were formed in our mother’s womb. (Psalm 139:13)  How awesome is that?

He knew me… He knew you… He created us to be exactly who we are. He gave us our dreams. He gave us our imaginations. He gave us our passions. He is a giver of good and perfect gifts. (James 1:17)

Friends, I can not stop praising Him; for His goodness, His mercy, His salvation, His compassion, His forgiveness and His generosity.

As I look back and reflect on 2012… all I see is His signature upon my life.

How can I think about me, when all I want to think about is Him? If it wasn’t for Him, I wouldn’t be where I am today, doing what I’m doing right now.

A lot of you don’t know where I’ve come from and where I’ve been. If I were to tell you, I believe you would start praising Him too.

He is my inspiration. He is my everything.

I look back on this year and on my life and all I see is His faithfulness, love and goodness toward me. I can’t help but praise Him and pour out my heart with thanksgiving and appreciation. May He receive all the glory.

I thank Jesus for all He is doing in my life. He is real. He is everything the Bible says He is. He makes dreams come true, because He is the author of them.

This song “Brand New Me” by Alicia Keys reveals a little bit about me. Thanks to Jesus, I’m a brand new kind of me.

I am grateful to Jesus this year. What are you grateful for?

  • Thanks for sharing from your heart

    • Thank you for reading and commenting. Happy New Year, Christa. 🙂

  • pilar, i love the title of this post! (heck, i love the whole thing!) but the title beautifully sums it all up: god is the author of our dreams. i, too, have had a whirlwind kind of year. a year of growth, rediscovery, and positive change. none of it would have happened without the guiding hand of jesus. amen! i am excited to hear what the new year brings for you!

    • Thank you for your friendship and encouragement, Tim. You are a special brother in Christ. Let us see what 2013 brings, it will be nice walking this writing journey with you and the great writing community the Lord blessed us with. Happy New Year!

  • Boy, that song reveals a little bit about me too, friend. A brand new kind of me. Thanks for sharing this, Pilar. I had to deal with something from my past tonight and it made me so thankful that God rescued me and I am not that girl anymore.

    • I believe that song reflects so many of us. I am grateful for you, Eileen. Comments like yours makes blogging worthwhile. My whole desire is to give hope and encourage others. Life is hard and walking this Christian walk isn’t always easy. I want everyone to know they are not alone. I’m glad to be walking on this journey with you my friend. God takes the ashes and makes it beautiful. 🙂 Happy New Year and thanks for always reading and encouraging me. You are a great sister and friend. Love you.

  • Love this girl, and I love you! You are an amazing woman and I count it an honor to know you. You and I have had very parallel years. I understand completely! God is so good!

    • To my rockin’ sister Dayna, I can’t say thank you enough. You have been amazing this year. I am so grateful God brought us together and we became friends. We encourage and support each other in our dreams, the dreams God placed in us. We understand each other on many levels without ever really sitting down and talking about it. We just know. So cool right? I love you and thank you for sharing your gift of writing, your heart, soul and spirit on this blog and just being a great friend and sister in Christ. I’m excited to see what 2013 will bring. Happy New Year!!

  • Ah -it’s beautiful to sit and remember who we are – in Him! I am blessed to find you today through Missional Women. I’ll sit here for a while and listen to the song…and cherish this moment with my Father – thank you

    • Hi Rebecca, so nice of you to come by and visit. I appreciate it. That was my first time linking to Missional Woman. I’m so glad that I did. God bless you and Happy New Year!

  • Oh Pilar, this is wonderful! Your post has blessed me in so many ways. Taking a deep breath and moving forward knowing He guides my steps.

    • Jennifer, you are an absolute sweetheart. So happy to be getting to know you through TribeWriters. I’m am grateful that this post blessed you. My heart’s desire is to help, encourage and inspire others in their walk with Christ. He is with you my sister and loves you. Happy New Year.

  • Hi Pilar, great post—I have been realizing lately that I am so grateful for my lifelong friendships. As flawed and failed as I am, there are many people in my life who see me through God’s eyes, seeing the best when I only see the worst. I am so grateful for them! Also, just want to say— even though I only know you **virtually** through Tribe Writers, your heart speaks so clearly through your writing, and you truly evidence the love of Christ through your generous, kind spirit. Bless you!

    • i second what kathleen said, pilar about how clearly your heart speaks through your words.

      • Tim, I really appreciate you and I am grateful for our friendship. You are an encourager besides being an overall great person and gifted writer. Thank you.

    • Thank you so much. I feel and the same way about you. Happy New Year.

  • Great post and song. I’m grateful for my Salvation, family, and online community. I just found your blog and really enjoy it.

    • I’m so glad you found my site. Thank you for your kind words. I pray you visit again. Happy New Year!