It’s Time to Fly

It’s a new year, faced with new challenges and new possibilities… it’s time to fly…

Courtesy of SkyDiving Masters/Creative Commons

I don’t know about you, but for years I’ve been trying to fly…

It’s been a constant struggle… every time I turn around there’s something happening. Situations pop out of nowhere and obstacles get in the way of reaching my full potential.

Awhile ago, I resigned myself to the fact that “one day” I will do this or that. I found myself sitting around… waiting, hoping, praying, wishing and dreaming.

As if something magical would happen to get me to where I wanted to go without doing the work or going through struggles.

I had everything I needed… except belief in myself. Mostly, belief in God.

I limited God, therefore I limited myself.

We do have a choice. We can either choose to believe truth or listen to lies.


I played footsies with the devil for years… we kept dancing the same dance. As time went on, I started to believe this was my life.

I listened to his lies, his whispers and his seductions… luring me here and there like a puppet.

I was at his mercy, controlled by the puppet master… believing in the goods he was selling me. Thinking it was all I deserved, all I was worthy of.

He showed me his kingdom and I believed that’s all life had to offer… Yeah, sure, I read the bible, I went to church, but deep down I felt like an outcast, lurking behind the shadows with his minions.

I wanted to fly, but I was trapped… like a bird in a cage… set free only to do his bidding… manipulated, deceived, used and abused… lost and in utter despair…

He convinced me that I would never fly again. His words echoed, “You are damaged goods baby, who’s gonna want you now…”

I can still hear him, with each step I take and risk I make. The only difference is that now I know he has no power.

My belief in Jesus is stronger and His voice is louder.

He thought he had me… and he did for a while. But, praise God, those days are over.

This year I’m not going to limit God or myself. Even when it gets tough and challenges sneak up (which they have already)… I will continue to focus on Him, believe and not give up.

It’s your time to fly too… will you soar with Him this year?


  • oh friend! This is beauty. full!

    I’m right there with you. Ready to fly!

  • This is such powerful writing, Pilar. Have you considered writing a memoir?

    • Hi Jodi, thanks for popping by and commenting. You are the 10th person, since last year who has asked me this question. This is definitely one more confirmation from God that I must write a memoir. Thank you so much for your kind words, I appreciate it.

  • time to fly, pilar! such an inspiring post. i love it! punch the devil in the face!

    • That’s right, kick him in the face! I like that. Thanks for stopping by, Tim. You are the best!

  • Amy

    Pilar, 2012 revealed something huge to me. Not only are women made in God’s image – in our emotional design,(Is. 49:15, Matt. 23:37 – NOT masculine emotions, but feminine ones.) but this world needs us to step up and be available for the work that God calls women to do. The enemy wants to keep us confused and doubting ourselves… naval gazing until we talk ourselves out of doing anything of consequence OR obedience. And he’s so wickedly clever, he fools us into thinking we’re just the ‘apps’ to support those who are valuable enough to be used by God. Putting half of God’s workforce out of commission!!! Oh, he makes me so mad! FLY!!!

    • Amen Amy, Amen. Thanks for sharing, I appreciate your words.

  • Pilar, like you I relegated many of my dreams to the realm of ‘some day.’ I too am learning that some day really should be today, in the strength of Christ.

    • Amen, I truly resonate with your comment. Thank you for stopping by and sharing. I appreciate it. God bless you.

  • “We can either choose to believe truth or listen to lies.” Love that sentence. I have listened to lies for years Pilar. I will fly with you this year.

    • I’m so glad you will join me. You are great company friend. 🙂

  • Fly, fly, fly Pilar!!!

  • Katina Vaselopulos

    Beautiful Pilar! Transparent, sweet, inspiring! God gives us enough rope to hang ourselves, but when we are just about ready to put our head on the noosse, He unties it and sends us flying and bungie jumping. Have a great flight! Right there behind you!

    • Thank you, Katina. I appreciate it. I also value your friendship and support.

  • Lisa Taylor

    it’s gonna be that year for me, too. made possible in part by co-travelers on this journey like you!

    • Amen. Just beautiful. Glad to be sojourning with you too. 🙂

  • I can’t wait to see where the year takes you PIlar

  • I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but really…it’s all about the choices we make. Little ones, big ones. We can either move forward or backward.

    I wish you great success in moving forward in 2013!

    • Thanks so much, Michael. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I appreciate it.

  • Jennifer

    Thank Pilar for all your emails/post. I might not get to them right away or respond to them but eventually I do read them just at perfect timing when I need to hear it.

    • Amen, Jennifer. So glad to hear that. I’m glad this post encouraged you. Hope all is well. Thanks so much for commenting. 🙂