What Happened to Miley Cyrus?

I know you are probably sick and tired of reading about Miley Cyrus.

Some don’t understand what the big deal is, while others are as dazed and confused as I am.

The big question is what happened to Miley Cyrus?

This is how I remember her:

Courtesy of Creative Commons

A young, wholesome, beautiful, church going singer.

But somewhere along the line, she turned into this:

by www.blog.zap2it.com

What happened? What went wrong?

If I was able to speak to her, I would ask her these questions. I would try and understand her because this makes me sad.

Why did she sell out and so young too? She has her whole life ahead of her and is this the legacy she wants to leave behind? Is her raunchy and offensive performance at the VMA’s worth it?

She made a complete spectacle of herself. I honestly do not see how her mother or father can think this is good. They were a church going family. Somewhere deep down, I know they can’t possibly think this is right?

Does she want to be known as some tongue wagging, butt slapping, crotch grabbing, wannabe Madonna?

Somewhere down the line, she made a choice. She took a turn and it could possibly be connected with substances or her parent’s break-up or her reality TV show.

But one thing’s for certain, the root of it is spiritual.

It is an unclean spirit possessing young, vulnerable, innocent children like her. It is an evil force penetrating the minds and hearts of this generation. The enemy is using drugs, music and the media to captivate our youth and drive them into all types of confusion.

I continue to say, we must pray for our youth, and we must. The days are only getting darker.

Miley Cyrus’ performance is just a small fraction of what’s happening to our youth today.

Yes, what Miley did was shocking and appalling, but Jesus loves her.

We need to pray for her and all those who are blind like her. We must love our children enough to pray, intercede and stand in the gap for them.

Time is short.

Do you believe this epidemic goes beyond Miley Cyrus? What are your thoughts on what is happening to our youth today? Do you agree that it is spiritual?