Rise Up Church

Everywhere you turn, a tragedy befalls us.

Yesterday was the mass shooting in the DC Navy Yard. This morning the abduction of a 14-year old girl in Georgia.

Courtesy of Creative Commons.

It’s not that I’m focused on tragedy or negativity, it’s just what is happening all around us.

Yes, I can perhaps bury my head in the sand, and pretend all is well, but I would only be lying to myself.

I’m not the type of person to focus on myself and forget about everything else.

My life is good, but just because things are relatively good, doesn’t mean I should forget others who are suffering.

I guess I’m this way because I have been through my share of hardship in life.

Sure, following the news can be overwhelmingly hard and there are times I do need to unplug from it all.

But most times than not, I feel burdened for the state of affairs. It’s not something I can shake off or ignore. I wish I could, but for whatever reason, God didn’t design me this way.

Even in the midst of tragedy though, I can still see God’s goodness and beauty. His signature is everywhere; from the rising sun, the mountains and vast oceans.

He is a divine artist and the master designer of this universe. He is a great and loving God.

His heart grieves and for whatever reason, so does mine.  He yearns for His Church to rise up in this lost, dark and broken world.

Every Sunday He passes the pews and sees His beloved sleeping. He is so loving and kind, He just passes quietly as not to disturb them. But oh, how sorrowful He is, when those He passes aren’t discerning the time nor the hour.

He is calling His sheep. He is saying, Rise up Church, for now is the time and the hour. Wake up from your slumber.

The days ahead will be far worse than they are now, we must wake up before it’s too late.

I tremble at that thought as my heart can hardly stand what’s happening now.

I am so broken and burdened, and I don’t even understand it myself. It’s definitely not depression, it’s this heaviness or sorrow in my soul.

The sorrow of seeing the Church powerless.

I’ve been praying for revival. The Church and this world needs a revival. I know there are many scattered, praying for this as well.

May the Lord come and visit us soon.

Am I the only one who notices the direction in which this world is going? Do you see it too? Please share in the comment section below.

  • Bernard

    You are speaking the very “unpopular” truth. These observations are very much in line with my reality. Yes, we are to focus on our Lord, and the covering provided by Him. Yet, to simply look the other way while tragedy after tragedy occurs around us within and outside of the Church, is irresponsible at best. You will never get the feel good award from your peers, but you certainly get the nod from our awesome God. May your writings always represent His heart.

    • Thank you, Bernard. I appreciate your words and most of all, you continued encouragement and support. I couldn’t do anything, without the Lord and you.

      • Bernard

        You are most welcome. I am your biggest supporter, second only to our King.

    • Thanks for your comment, Bernard. I appreciate your words, but most of all, your support. I wouldn’t be able to do this without the Lord or you.

  • Pilar, I love your heart, and how you let it be soft–although it is a burden which feels heavy when it feels what Christ feels. Keep crying out. No, you are not alone.

    • Thanks so much, Jennifer. I appreciate your kind words. 🙂

  • josef4jesus4life

    I feel you my sister, this is why I believe that those that have a ear and a heart that is able to hear what the spirit of the Lord has said, and is saying today “Rise up” and live your life in a manner that will be a torch in these dark days that we are living In. We must must let Christ light shine through our lives that we may light a path for those who are in our circles of influence, and even if only a few come into this light and recieve Christian as a result of this light the heavens will rejoice..


    • Amen and amen. Good words, brother Josef, thank you. 🙂

  • Tonya

    As I was praying last night these words continued to resonate in my spirit, “rise up, church rise up.” For the past 10 years I’ve heard God calling out to his church “wake up!” Be prepared, be ready. I continued to see a picture of crossroads and finally understood that as the church was standing at a crossroads. I heard the Lord say that he has waited for his church and that he would no longer be quiet. Just as he has been pouring out his spirit in other countries; Africa, China, he is going to be moving here in our country. I couldn’t stop crying yesterday as I felt how jealous God is for his children. I feel like we are to continue to pray, humble ourselves before him, and be ready for what he has in store for us.i also had the understanding that God usually does away with the old as he does a new thing. I beleive their will be an awakening. This is what the Lord is stirring in my heart.

    • I believe you are hearing from God and have His heart. Thank you so much for sharing and encouraging me tonight. I needed to read this. God bless you, Tonya.