The Burden of Prayer

I attended a conference over a year ago and was surrounded by all sorts of people pursuing their dreams and passions.

I was stirred and wondered what mine was. I had many throughout my life, but I wanted to pursue the one thing that made my heart beat the hardest.

I concluded it was my love for Jesus. I am passionate about the things of God and prayer.

Courtesy of Creative Commons – Aeron Photography

I post stories on Facebook of things happening here and across the world. I have such a burden for children. Children who are victimized, abused and in unspeakable situations.

My husband told me on Sunday morning, how is my posting or discussing these horrible stories changing anything? He asked me what my point was?

I went into a passionate discourse of my reasons and finally blurted out, because I want people to pray. I want to see a change.

He said, if you want people to pray, then say it, if not, no one is going to understand your purpose for posting these stories and will come up with their own conclusion which may not have anything to do with your true intention.

He’s right. If I don’t give a reason, then no one will understand and they will just dismiss it as my being obsessed with bad news or something.

I am posting these stories, because I am personally burdened and want others to join me in praying for change.

Yes, not everyone is going to feel inclined to or may have enough on their plate to be praying for the tragedies of people they don’t know.

However, there may be others like me who are burdened and called to pray and intercede.

I am posting these stories for them.

I want to see God move in power and change hearts. We do not have the power to change people’s hearts.

If we pray, we can move the heart of God to open the eyes of those who are lost and blind.

Ultimately, God is the only one who can change us and others, and the way He does this is through prayer.

Prayer is powerful.

Do you believe in prayer?  Do you feel burdened to pray?