Sex, Lies and Children

This image is haunting, isn’t it?  So is the reality of child sex abuse. Everywhere I turn, there is a horrific story of yet another child victim by a sex predator. I am sure you have heard or read stories of the Roman Catholic Church and the Penn State scandal. Last week, I came across this shocking story in the New York Times, “Prep-School Predators” which had my head spinning. I recently came across this article regarding the Poly Prep scandal in Brooklyn, New York. However, this story really takes the cake.  I am so glad the father was not charged for protecting his five-year old daughter.

Stories like these and others, such as a survivor and author George Molho, who wrote Scarred really troubles me. I’m continually confronted with the thought that more needs to be done to help stop sexual abuse and trafficking around us. Child sexual abuse, pornography and sex trafficking is an epidemic and it is getting worse by the second.

Today I read a story in CNN about child sex trafficking in the Midwest. This happens every day, right under our noses and yet we can’t seem to figure out how to stop it. I shied away from writing about this topic because I’ve been told it’s not uplifting, positive or encouraging. However, I just can’t sit around and watch from the sidelines or keep silent anymore. Something needs to be done.  This isn’t something any of us can ignore or avoid anymore. This has become a huge problem.

I honestly can’t understand what would possess a grown man (or woman) to want to have sex with a child?  Nor can I fathom why anyone would enjoy watching child porn either. But this is really happening, it’s rampant and in demand.  It’s also vial, disgusting and the epitome of evil. I wish I could stop it from happening and rescue every child.

We, as a nation, society and/or community, can no longer afford to turn a blind eye or deaf ear to what is happening to our children. We can no longer pretend it’s not happening. I believe we need to unite, pray, intercede, stand in the gap and take action whenever God opens a door.

What do you think? Do you believe we can make a difference?