Ordinary Servant: Extraordinary Gift

I am pleased to introduce Dayna Renee Hackett Bickham who is guest posting today.  I met Dayna through the Michael Hyatt Platform Book Launch Team. I have been following her blog, A Year in the Spiritual Life for some time now. Dayna is a great writer and a spirit-filled, godly woman who I am blessed to know.  Please follow her blog or on Twitter and Facebook.

“We are all pencils in the Hand of God.” – Mother Teresa

I have always loved writing in all its forms. When I was a child a pencil and paper were two of my favorite things. I would look at a blank page as a challenge and my mind would kick into overdrive to come up with a creative way to fill it up.

I am made in my Father’s image. He “page” is the tablet of men’s (and women’s) hearts. I am His pencil. 

So are you.

You are designed. 

Each of us is designed by God with a purpose in mind. Our everyday, walking around, take the kids to the mall, change that diaper on the fly, make dinner and look fabulous while you do, lives are not our own to live.

We are made to live for our Father: to show His love to others. We were made to write on the tablets of people’s hearts the love of Christ and awaken in them the desire to love God in return.

God is a Master Maker. He made the universe, all the galaxies, and you and me. Like the psalmist David, I have looked at the stars and asked “who am I, that you are mindful of me”?

You are made for a reason. 

You are an ordinary servant with an extraordinary gift to give the world. God made you for a reason.

I cannot reach inner city kids, but one of you can. You are that pencil. I cannot minister to men in prison, but one of you can. YOU are that pencil. I cannot preach on distant shores, but one of you can. YOU are THAT pencil.

There are diverse gifts and callings. Not all of us can do everything. When you find that thing God made you for, then you will know just how extraordinary His plan is for you.

 Are you ready? 

You are an ordinary servant with an extraordinary gift. You are a pencil in the Hand of God. Are you allowing Him to use you? Are you sharp and up for the task? Are you willing to own your mistakes before people and bask in God’s grace when He erases your sin?

You are a pencil in the Hand of a Master Maker, what better way to create a beautiful work of art in this world than to be used by God?

What is one way you can write on someone’s heart today?

  • Bekah

    Oh Dayna girl! So true, and exactly what I needed to her today! Thank you 🙂

  • BettinaMarie

    I can continue to be the encourager God made me to be. Loving on and doing just that for all that may need help while the sharp blades spin and shaped. I. An continue to walk in my gift of hospitality and open my doors when God’s children are in need of rest or feeling erased. If we don’t speak the truth to them who will? I love this blog Dayna! Watching what God is doing in and through is a blessing. HUGS!

  • Thank you for guest posting Dayna. I love what you wrote, it’s beautiful.

  • Love it! I can love on others with the love of Christ. With my words, my hugs, my encouragement by being the me He sees.

    • “by being the me He sees” is perfect. We are new creatures and all the old gunky, funky stuff is coming off the closer we get to Him. He sees us as He made us. Sometimes we forget that. We are our own harshest critics and we forget what the Grace of God really does. Great comment Dana!

  • Dayna… this is beautiful! I think it is my favorite post that you’ve ever written!