Book Review: “Exposed: Inexcusable Me… Irreplaceable Him”

Exposed: Inexcusable Me… Irreplaceable Him

By: Shannon M. Deitz
Publisher: Believers Press
Published: May 2012
Price: $14.99
Language: English
ISBN: #978-0-9852503-0-0
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“Take no part in fruitless works of darkness; rather expose them…for everything exposed by the light becomes invisible.” Ephesians 5:11,13


Having spent nearly two decades of her life in the darkest valley of self-destruction, Shannon Deitz believed she was unworthy of God’s love. After she witnessed, as a child, the sex and drug-induced downfall of her sister, Shannon turned away from her Catholic faith and found herself caught in a wild and carefree lifestyle where she drank, partied and sought comfort in abusive relationships. She was raped — not once, but twice — by two different boyfriends. As she hit rock bottom, Shannon experienced an intense spiritual battle and inner struggle. Finally seeking truth, she understood that her life had never belonged to her. It had always belonged to God. His desire was for her to come to Him on her own — not out of compulsion, but from a heart full of love.

EXPOSED: Inexcusable Me… Irreplaceable Him is the story of one woman’s courageous journey from a destructive self-filled life to a place of spiritual self-discovery. This book exposed the awful truths of sexual and emotional abuse that many experience today. But it also reveals a restorative truth-no matter how deeply your wounds may run, you will always be worthy of God’s healing grace.


EXPOSED: Inexcusable Me… Irreplaceable Him is a transparent memoir which chronicles the life of Shannon M. Deitz I became interested in this book after I read the description. Unfortunately, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. This book hit close to home; as if I was reading about my own life. I was completely caught off guard. I wasn’t expecting nor was I prepared for my past to hit me like a tsunami and overwhelm me like it did. Needless to say, this book was difficult for me to read. There were so many parallels the author and I share. I identified with the various experiences she went through and also how she felt on many levels

What did appear to be a common thread or theme for me throughout the book is spiritual warfare. She described many spiritual battles and supernatural experiences which I also related to. Unfortunately, these experiences weren’t positive ones which I believe tied into why she went through so much. Shannon Deitz spoke a great deal about her Catholic faith as well. I’m an Evangelical Christian, so I had some difficulty relating to her experiences with C.C.E.Catechism, The Eucharist and praying to St. Bernadette of Lourdes.

EXPOSED: Inexcusable Me…  Irreplaceable Him is a poignant and powerful story about tragedy, forgiveness and redemption. Shannon M. Deitz does an excellent job writing explicit details with integrity and tact. However, based on the content, I would strongly recommend this book be read by mature audiences only.

In conclusion, I want to thank Shannon M. Deitz for the courage in writing her story. I also want to personally thank The B&B Media Group for sending me a complimentary copy to review.


Shannon M. Deitz is the founder of Hopeful Hearts Ministry and a worldwide speaker reaching out through personal testimony to offer the hope of Christ’s light and love to those who are suffering. A portion of the proceeds from EXPOSED: Inexcusable Me… Irreplaceable Him will go directly to help survivors of abuse through the Maria Goretti Network. Learn more about Shannon’s ministry.