Right Where You Are by Tammy Helfrich

I am honored to have Tammy Helfrich guest post today.  She is a remarkable and godly woman whom I have had the pleasure of meeting on the Micheal Hyatt Platform Launch Team.  I really enjoy reading her posts as she never fails to bless me.  Please be sure to follow her Blog | Facebook | Twitter.

A theme has continued to come to my mind over and over lately.

You can make a difference right where you are.

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You don’t have to become a missionary and move to Africa.

You don’t have to start a nonprofit.

You don’t have to save the world in one day.

After years of fighting with God, I finally gave up the illusion of control I thought I had. I surrendered everything to Him. But shortly afterwards, I was conflicted. I wanted to do something that mattered. I wanted to do something BIG. I wanted to change the world!

As I wrestled with this, I kept hearing God’s voice.

Make a difference here.

Right where you are.

Stop and pay attention to the people I’ve placed around you.

That was eye-opening for me. I started thinking hard about that and spent lots of time talking with God about it.

Where was the first place I started?

In my family. With my spouse. I started paying attention. I also listened when God told me to “be quiet & back off.” My frustration and irritation with my spouse was not helping what God was trying to do in his heart. In fact, I was in the way. (Ouch!)

I started paying more attention to my kids and trying to be present when I was with them. I tried not to be distracted by my phone or on Facebook or Twitter.

Where else did I pay attention?

At work. To the people in the cubicles next to me. I started listening and asking them about their families, their lives, their dreams. I took the time to get to know them.

I started truly listening to God when He prompted me. If I felt led, I would reach out to someone at church. Someone I didn’t know and typically wouldn’t reach out to. I started obeying God faster. Even when it didn’t make sense, or I felt uncomfortable.

I started doing more random acts of kindness. Without telling anyone about it. I started helping when I saw a need. Sometimes it was incredibly simple. Other times, it requires some sacrifice.

But, guess what happened?

God started blessing me just as much (if not more) than those I was paying attention to. And people started opening up to me. Other people weren’t paying attention to them. They felt they could be transparent with me. And all I did was listen.

I am still learning when it comes to obeying God and learning to make a difference where I am. But I am now encouraging others to do the same.

It doesn’t require heroic effort, usually. The majority of the time, I am amazed at how God uses the simplest acts of obedience to bless someone else.

How has someone made a difference in your life recently?

What can you do today to make a difference for someone around you?


  • Thank you for guest posting Tammy!

  • Oh I needed to hear this today. Thank you so much for writing it! Great post!

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  • Ryan

    Excellent post!

  • Amen. I love this post and you sharing. I plan to be present and look for opportunities to be His hands and feet…His heart. Thank you.

  • We really under estimate how much the little things make a difference in people’s lives. Great post Tammy!

  • Thanks for this reminder, Tammy, I can really relate to this. I pray so often about doing something BIG and God will give me an idea of how to help someone around me. But, I’m stubborn, so my first inclination is to completely miss that opportunity waiting for a “bigger” one. We forget that opportunities to serve our spouses and families are the big things in life.

    • I struggle with this too, Melissa. I keep asking God for the big thing, and he keeps telling me to be obedient in the small things. Sometimes those are bigger than what we think.