“What’s Your ‘Yes’?”

I am participating in Blogging  Through the Book: The Gospel of Yes by Pastor Mike Glenn.  This series was birthed by Dana Pittman, who is an amazing  writer and speaker.  I am honored to be partnering with her and her amazing team of writers.  Every Wednesday we will be blogging our thoughts and insights from this book.

The word ‘yes’ is easy for me to say when it comes to others. But not when it comes to me. My ‘yes’ looks this…

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It’s not quite a ‘yes’ as the ‘s’ is backwards.

All my life, I’ve been saying ‘yes’ to everyone, but myself.  I’ve spent years helping, encouraging and supporting everyone elses’ dream and vision, except my own.

I actually derive pleasure by encouraging others.  However, it’s a whole other story when it has to do with my dreams.

For years, I’ve always watched from the sidelines while others pursued their dream and lived their calling. The Lord wants me to move me away from being a spectator to becoming a participator.

Saying Yes

God has been challenging me in this area.  He wants me to say “yes” to His calling. However, I always shrink back in fear.

My biggest stumbling block is fear. Fear of failure, fear of not being good enough, fear of disapproval… the list goes on.

Even writing this post is difficult. I have to battle my way through what feels like a flood of voices coming against me.

“What’s your ‘yes’?” I will say again. “Jesus said, ‘Let your yes be yes,’ so what is your ‘yes’? If you know your ‘yes,’ then all the ‘nos’ will take care of themselves.  So have you found your ‘yes’?” (Page 18)

I seem to be saying ‘yes’ with my lips, but not with my life.

Recently I heard the Holy Spirit whisper to me, “When are you going to surrender and say ‘yes’ to me?”  “How long will you allow fear to stop you from doing my will for your life?”

I wonder how long or what it’s going to take for me to surrender, overcome the fear and say ‘yes’.

Get In the Zone

“Athletes talk about being in the zone.  The zone is a state of concentration, an alignment of emotional, mental, and physical abilities where the game seems to slow down and the play becomes almost effortless.  I believe we were called to live more in the zone than out of it. Being aligned with God’s spirit, riding the Divine Current, makes whatever we are doing more impactful, more elegant and more joyful.”(Page 19)

Sounds wonderful doesn’t it?

I recall being in the zone a couple times in my life. Once while doing aerobics and another time while singing. I had this heightened sense of awareness and everything just flowed. I wonder what it would be like living in the zone every day?

As I continue to read and blog, The Gospel of Yes, my prayer is that the Lord helps me get in the zone.

What about you?  Have you said ‘yes’ to God?  Are you living in the zone?

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  • PILAR!!! This is a brilliant post! You are an incredible writer and have just voiced so many of my own fears and insecurities!! My favorite… “The Lord wants me to move away from being a spectator to becoming a participant.”

    Thank you for these words this morning!

    • Oh thank you! Thank you so much for the encouragement! You are so kind Heidi. God is good!

  • I’m with Heidi… I can relate clearly to always watching from the sideline. You’re now a starting player (please don’t ask me to carry this sports analogy through completion…I will totally mess it up…LOL!)

    Great kick off my friend! Thank you for encouraging me to live in the zone.

    • Amen and amen. Thanks for walking out your vision and doing this series Dana.

  • “Aligned with God’s spirit, riding the Divine Current” As a sailor I think this statement describes the way a sailboat gets “in the zone,” and it is the way I experience my high points. I think of the Holy Spirit as the wind in my sails, and when I have my sails set correctly, I do ride that current with exhilaration. Your post captures that important aspect of finding God’s ‘Yes.”

    • Thank you Katherine. Glad you dropped by, always love to read your comments.

  • Why do you doubt? This is great stuff! Keep pressing toward the goal Pilar! Go GO GO ! I am on the sidelines agreeing with the Father. Can you hear me yell “YES”! too?

    • Thank you my dear sister. Thank you so much. Yes, I can hear you cheer. 🙂