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Letting Go by Dayna Bickham

“In the moment.”

I love that phrase. It makes me feel like twirling around and around like a little kid. Why? Because it is so freeing to live “In the moment”. It means I have let go of the constraints of others. It means I have given up trying to control everything. It means that I am not living full of anxiety or worry over the future. I am in the moment.

In this moment I can choose to rest. I can choose to risk, I can choose to reach. I can choose to create. I can choose to pray. I can choose to listen. I can choose to serve with an ordinary life in an extraordinary way.

There are times in our lives when planning and working toward goals are necessary, but we cannot let our lives become overcrowded with “to-do’s” that we forget that our lives are not our own.

Bought with a price, we now belong to God. His vision for us is far reaching and He has plans. Our job is to live in the moment: obedient to Him.

His ways are perfect, and by living for Him in the moment, and exchanging my plans for His, I live and breath in His freedom. I delight in His ways.

So I will live in the moment. I will let go of my plans and my ways and I will follow His plans and His ways. I will choose to delight myself in Him. I will not be a self-obsessed control freak and I will go where my Father leads me.

What is your favorite “live in the moment” memory? 



Hey ya’ll, (yep I am a Southerner)

I have a new book out! Actually, it is my first one! I have never been so happy and so scared all at the same time! The reason I am telling you this is because I know how much you and Pilar love books! The Purpose of Chosen is a fresh look at the story of David and Goliath. There is so much to learn about our purpose in this world, and this book explores these themes:

1) Who You Are
2) The Value of Preparation
3) The Value of Work
4) The Value of Your Testimony
5) The Importance of Knowing Your Camp
6) Learning to Recognize Opportunity
7) How to Build Your Arsenal and Overcome any Giant

Filled with 30 insightful and heart searching questions, this short book is perfect for book clubs and small groups. It is available in paperback and in Kindle formats. This full color book is illustrated and easy to read. Perfect for younger people and for people who have a hard time reading a longer book, The Purpose of Chosen is designed and written to encourage and challenge you.

What you believe about yourself affects ever aspect of your life: often in ways you don’t even realize. You may be convinced that “this” is all there is, but there is more for you. You were made for more than a mundane life, you were made to live with purpose. You have been chosen, like David, for more than even you know.

When you discover who you are designed to be you can see that life is not just a random stream of evens, but opportunities for greatness– in the moment–and you will also see that if you arm yourself properly, no giant can stand in the way of what God has for you.

Click here to buy my new book, and be sure to drop me a line at ayearinthespirituallife@hotmail.com  to tell me what you think!


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The Extraordinary Vessel

I do not know about you, but I feel run over. Like a Mack truck hit me going 90 miles an hour. Not physically, but spiritually.

Sometimes, when God is working new things into us, He has to work the old stuff out of us. This process is uncomfortable and often stressful.

You are not alone if you feel this way. As servants, we are vessels to be filled and emptied.

Over and over and over.

No one said this life following Christ would be easy. In fact, Jesus said we would have trouble in this life. The good news, no, the great news is He overcame the world and since we are constantly being changed into His image, we can develop the skills we need to overcome too!

We can go from “glory to glory”.

When you face a struggle or a trial remember this.

  •  You are not alone. (God will never leave you or forsake you)
  • Help is on the way. (He is help in this very present trouble)
  • When you have done all you can do, stand. (If you look to your left and right, I bet God has brought someone to stand with you!)

Struggles in life will come. Some may be physical, some financial, lots of them spiritual, but in every struggle there is a promise.

He has you in His hands, and nothing: not height, not depth, not any creature, no man, no woman, no boss, no debt collector, no doctor, no death, NOTHING can separate you from His Love.

The work of growing, of pressing through until you have victory may be hard, but it will be worth it.

Here is a story to drive it home:

A young woman, who was afraid of her garage because she did not like spiders and hated the smell of dust, avoided her garage as much as possible and often put off washing her laundry because the washer and dryer were in there.

One day a man came by and said “If you clean out your garage and get it ready, I will fill it with your dream car.”
She doubted at first, but she saw he was going to her neighbors and offering the same deal to them. Soon she saw Bentleys and Porches lining her street.

So she began the work.

It was hard. It got hot. She was itchy. Spiders crawled on her. She shook with revulsion, but she pushed through.

She found things in there that she wanted to hang onto, but knew she needed to trash. Soon, everything that was garbage was on the curb. The inside was clean and organized.

Sure enough, the man showed up with a brand new car. It was full of all the bells, and whistles. If there were a better car for her, it had not been made yet. This man had fulfilled his promise.

Now, you are the girl, the garage is your heart and the “man” is God. He is waiting to give you your dream. You just need to press through and get on with obeying Him. He has a reward far greater than you can ask or even think.

The struggles you face may not be from the enemy. They may be God trying to turn the ordinary vessel into an extraordinary vessel!

Join the discussion:

Do you have a favorite scripture that helps you face difficult times? Share it below.

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Ordinary Servant: Extraordinary Gift

I am pleased to introduce Dayna Renee Hackett Bickham who is guest posting today.  I met Dayna through the Michael Hyatt Platform Book Launch Team. I have been following her blog, A Year in the Spiritual Life for some time now. Dayna is a great writer and a spirit-filled, godly woman who I am blessed to know.  Please follow her blog or on Twitter and Facebook.

“We are all pencils in the Hand of God.” – Mother Teresa

I have always loved writing in all its forms. When I was a child a pencil and paper were two of my favorite things. I would look at a blank page as a challenge and my mind would kick into overdrive to come up with a creative way to fill it up.

I am made in my Father’s image. He “page” is the tablet of men’s (and women’s) hearts. I am His pencil. 

So are you.

You are designed. 

Each of us is designed by God with a purpose in mind. Our everyday, walking around, take the kids to the mall, change that diaper on the fly, make dinner and look fabulous while you do, lives are not our own to live.

We are made to live for our Father: to show His love to others. We were made to write on the tablets of people’s hearts the love of Christ and awaken in them the desire to love God in return.

God is a Master Maker. He made the universe, all the galaxies, and you and me. Like the psalmist David, I have looked at the stars and asked “who am I, that you are mindful of me”?

You are made for a reason. 

You are an ordinary servant with an extraordinary gift to give the world. God made you for a reason.

I cannot reach inner city kids, but one of you can. You are that pencil. I cannot minister to men in prison, but one of you can. YOU are that pencil. I cannot preach on distant shores, but one of you can. YOU are THAT pencil.

There are diverse gifts and callings. Not all of us can do everything. When you find that thing God made you for, then you will know just how extraordinary His plan is for you.

 Are you ready? 

You are an ordinary servant with an extraordinary gift. You are a pencil in the Hand of God. Are you allowing Him to use you? Are you sharp and up for the task? Are you willing to own your mistakes before people and bask in God’s grace when He erases your sin?

You are a pencil in the Hand of a Master Maker, what better way to create a beautiful work of art in this world than to be used by God?

What is one way you can write on someone’s heart today?

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