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Lust: A Seven Deadly Sins Novel by Victoria Christopher Murray

Series: Seven Deadly Sins
Paperback: 368 pages
Publisher: Touchstone (February 7, 2017)
ISBN-10: 1501134108
ISBN-13: 978-1501134104
Price: $15.00
Purchase: Amazon | BN








From the NAACP Image award winner and national bestselling author Victoria Christopher Murray, a novel inspired by the seven deadly sins about a woman caught between an entertainment mogul with a shady past and his childhood friend who is out for revenge.

Tiffanie has lived a sheltered life in a very strict household with her pastor-grandfather and grandmother in Washington, DC. But when she meets Damon King, she falls for the successful entertainment business man despite his history as a drug dealer. Everyone sees nothing but the brightest future for the couple—but there’s one person who wants to destroy them.

Trey Johnson is Damon’s childhood best friend with whom he built quite a successful drug business. But when the game got hot and Damon decided to leave, Trey stayed and continued to sell drugs, until he was arrested and spent seven years in prison.

But now he’s out and able to attend the wedding. While Damon is thrilled to have Trey back and hopes to bring his best friend into his business, Trey has other plans. He blames Damon for his demise and plans to ruin him, even if that means bringing Tiffanie down as well.

Trey is sure he will succeed, but he doesn’t know that there will be deadly consequences. And at the end, there will only be one man standing…


Lust is full of intrigue and suspense. I could not put this book down, which is common in all of Victoria Christopher Murray’s books. She is a phenomenal story teller and master wordsmith.

I have steered away from reading urban books because of the profanity, violence, blood shed and graphic sex scenes. However, Lust is different. This is the kind of urban literature I would like to read, which why I appreciate Victoria Christopher Murray’s writing style. She makes her points, without it being in your face, which is also a tell-tale sign of a good writer.

Lust had a moral lesson in it. I don’t believe it was Victoria Christopher Murray’s intention, as she writes to entertain, however, she dropped a few gems in this story that made think and remember… which is why I identified with the female protagonist, Tiffanie.

While I read this story, my emotions were all over the place. There were some lines in this book, that made me laugh out loud. Victoria Christopher Murray’s character development and pacing is awesome, which is why I love reading her books, and Lust was no exception. I rate this book five stars, and highly recommend it.

In conclusion, I want to thank Touchstone for sending me a complimentary copy of LustA Seven Deadly Sins Novel in exchange for an honest review.

Victoria Christopher Murray has been writing inspiration African-American fiction since she left the financial services industry in 1997 to write her self-published debut Temptation. Her most recent novel Stand Your Ground (Touchstone, June 2015) won the 2015 NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Literary Work. Lust marks the twentieth anniversary since the publication of Temptation.






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Author Interview: Victoria Christopher Murray

I can’t tell you how excited I am to have interviewed, Victoria Christopher Murray. I discovered her with her first book, Temptation. After I read it, I reached out to her on MySpace. She was so gracious and wrote back. We have been in contact ever since. I finally had the chance meet her this summer at her book signing in New York City of Never Say Never. I have never met such a generous, giving and helpful writer/author in my entire life. I consider her my mentor. I am blessed to know her and read her amazing books.


1.      What are some of your favorite books?

My favorite books are the books that have had the greatest impact on me; books that made me really want to pursue my dream as a writer. Native Son, by Richard Wright, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, by Maya Angelou, and Manchild in the Promised Land by Claude Brown.

2.      Which book was the hardest for you to write?

Every single book that I write is hard. Really. Getting words down on a page for me is like pulling teeth — it’s just so hard to write.  And interestingly, the longer I write, the more difficult it gets.

3.      Which book was the most fun to write?

Any book I write with ReShonda Tate Billingsley is fun. Because it’s like she’s one-half of my brain. We are so in sync, it’s scary, and we are definitely writing twins. Plus, when I write with ReShonda, I laugh. And don’t let us tour together….

4.      What is your writing process or practice in writing novels?

My writing process is quite simple. I write! I write every day and really, just about all day. I write and write and never go back to edit until I have a completed manuscript. Because if I keep stopping to edit, I’ll never finish. I’m on a constant deadline; with at least three books a year, as well as ghostwriting projects. So, I take advantage of every single bit of time that I have. And, I can write anywhere — in cars, on the train, at airports and on airplanes…it doesn’t matter.  I write!

5.      You have mentioned that aspiring writers have to treat writing as a job. What steps did you take to become the successful and prolific writer/author you are today?

I think the key to treating it like a job is that I show up every day. Like I said before, every day I write. I write when I don’t want to write — that’s what I would do with a job..and writing is my job. So if an aspiring writer aspires to write full time, that writer must start writing every day…NOW!

Pilar, thank you for this wonderful interview.

Thank you, Victoria. It was a pleasure having you.


The production of her novel, The Deal, the Dance and the Devil has finished. The date of release will be announced soon. Also, her novel, The Ex Files has been optioned for a movie.

You can find Victoria Christopher Murray on Facebook, Twitter and on her website.


Victoria Christopher Murray is the author of ten Essence bestselling novels, including Too Little, Too Late and Lady Jasmine. Her most recent novel, Destiny’s Divas, was nominated for an NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Literary Work (Fiction). Winner of the African American Literary Award for Fiction and Author of the Year, she splits her name between Los Angeles and Washington, D.C.


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