It’s About Giving

Courtesy of Creative Commons

This week while walking to catch my bus after a long hard day of work. I noticed something folded on the dirty asphalt street.

I looked down and discovered it was a twenty dollar bill. I stuck it in my left coat pocket and ran to catch my bus.

The following morning I was commuting back to work and reading a book I am reviewing. The author was discussing how he struggles with giving money to the homeless. He felt as a believer, he shouldn’t hold back in giving to someone in need.

I felt convicted because I thought about how many times I pass homeless people on the streets of Manhattan and don’t give anything. I hesitate because like the author, I tend to think they will just spend it on alcohol or drugs.

However, I realize when I give, I’m giving unto the Lord. What they do with the money isn’t really my concern. God knows and that’s all that matters.

I got off the bus and walked my usual route to work. However, this time while I was walking, I see this young teenage girl sitting on the cold concrete sidewalk with a sign saying she is homeless and needs thirty dollars by the end of the day to sleep in a motel.

What struck me about her was that she wasn’t the typical homeless person. At least, not the ones I have come across on the streets of New York City. She was young, dressed in clean clothing and reading a book. She was different.

I walked past her. Until the Lord brought to my remembrance what I read on the bus and the twenty dollar bill stuck in my coat pocket which I had completely forgotten about it.

It struck me odd that I would find a neatly folded twenty dollar bill in the middle of the street on a busy intersection during rush hour. I wondered why I was the only one who saw it.

God knew I would be passing this homeless girl and wanted me to give her the money.

So I quickly turned around and walked back to her. As I handed her the money, I told her I found it on the street last night and Jesus wanted me to give it to her.

She thanked me and I continued on my way.

I could have missed it, but thankfully, the Holy Spirit gently reminded me.


This incident made me think about the meaning of Christmas.

I believe the true meaning of Christmas is about giving to those in need. Those who are less fortunate, especially the children.

Which is why I blog for Compassion International. I believe in what they are doing in helping the poor, hungry and homeless children around the world.

Won’t you join me in helping and giving to children in need? Please click here to see the ways in which you can help a child this Christmas season.