Holy Is The Day by Carolyn Weber

Paperback: 192 pages
Publisher: IVP Books (October 6, 2013)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0830843078
ISBN-13: 978-0830843077
Price: $12.00
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Life pulls us in many directions, sometimes even to the point of pulling our souls apart. We know rest and reflection are necessary for a healthy life—even Jesus took time to get away from the crowds, away from the demands of everyday life, to pray, to spend time with close friends, to sleep.

But when Carolyn Weber—emotionally and physically exhausted from managing her career as a college professor, writing her first book and parenting three children under the age of three—hears this truth from a friend, all she can think is: but who will do everything if I don’t?

And this sets her on a journey to find the still, small space in each day.

In these pages Carolyn reflects on the eternal beauty that lurks within the present. Drawing from literature, history and everyday life, Holy Is the Day is a collection of spiritual reflections that trace the way God’s ever-renewing grace is a gift of the present. Opening it we find poignant stories of endurance, humility, compassion, remembrance and gratitude, as well a harrowing account of near-death experience.

Carolyn gives us new eyes to receive the precious gift of the present and give it away to others.


In January of 2012, I reviewed Carolyn Weber’s award-winning memoir, Surprised by Oxford. This book spoke to me on so many levels.

Surprised by Oxford is one of my most favorite memoirs.

When I was asked by Intervarsity Press to review Holy Is The Day, I was more than excited, I was ecstatic.

Holy Is The Day is absolutely breathtaking. Carolyn Weber writes exquisite. She is a master wordsmith. Her writing reminds me of C.S. Lewis and Frederick Buechner, both of whom are my favorite authors. Carolyn Weber is in a lane by herself as her words are poetic and meaningful.

She writes so beautifully, that I am committed to reading everything she writes until the day I die. I know this sounds dramatic, but I am telling the truth. I do not want to miss out on anything she writes.

Holy Is The Day is written as a meditation. Carolyn Weber shares her personal experiences, weaving stories from Scripture. Her spiritual reflections are breathtaking and powerful.

Lately, the theme has been to live in the moment, Holy Is The Day is timely to say the least.

I was blessed to have received a complimentary advanced copy from Intervarsity Press for which I am grateful.

I highly recommend Holy Is The Day; it is beautiful beyond words.

Carolyn Weber is an author, speaker and professor. She has taught literature to undergraduates for 15 years, most recently as associate professor of Romantic Literature at Seattle University. As the Canadian Commonwealth scholar for literature, she completed her M.Phil and Doctoral degrees at Oxford University, and later served as the first female Dean of St. Peter’s College, Oxford.

Carolyn lives in London, Ontario Canada with her husband and their 4 children.