Art, Pigeons and Derrière’s

I’m done with the politics. Let me just put it to you straight. I don’t brown nose or kiss people’s derrière’s. I am real and when I compliment or do anything for anyone, it isn’t to earn brownie points.

I’m not good at following the crowd either. I’ve been a loner for most of my life and learned to be independent. I’m not into social clubs, cliques, societies, sororities, or pigeons.

Courtesy of Creative Commons

I’m not of the mentality,  “I’ll scratch your back, if you scratch mine.”

The false pretense of political niceties for the sake of gaining something. The manipulative use of the word “generous” makes my stomach turn.

I am an artist.

If I have to die with only a small following, so be it. I’m not going to compromise and sell out for recognition.

I want my art and work to stand for itself.

So long as I know I am creating work I am proud of, that’s enough for me.

But, I’m not willing to prostitute my art for the sake of pigeons.

Pigeons will flock to you when you’re giving them food, but the minute you stop, they move on.

People be pimping their art for a buck. They’re willing to settle, compromise and sell out.

I have no time for that, life’s too short.

I don’t know how many years I have left on this earth, but I refuse to waste whatever time I do have by earning favors.

To me, that’s not art.

I’m not knocking those who do, if others feel the necessity to do this sort of thing, hey, all the power to them. I can only speak for myself.

The herd mentality isn’t for me, it has an eery familiarity to that of a cult. Some people refer to it as “community”, which I believe is a bunch of crock.

If you pay close attention and look passed the façade, you will notice everything they do is based on their own gain through manipulation and the exploitation of trust.

This my friends is not art nor the prescription of success.

If this is what it means to succeed as an artist, then I don’t want any part of it. I’ll work in Corporate America the rest of my life, it’s way more honest.

I rather success be earned through hard work. I want my art to stand on its own merit, rather than favors, contacts and connections.

For me, art is not about politics, pigeons and posteriors.

It’s about using the gifts God placed inside me, and waiting on His perfect timing.

Where do you stand on this matter? How do you define art?

  • Bro.Josef

    Go hard or go home lol. I define art as the outward expression of ones God given internal beauty.

  • jeanne

    Not really answering your question but wanted to make a comment on the statement of “Corporate America….,it’s way more honest.” I think there is just as much pigeons and derrieres going on in corporate America. Where as for some artists, they believe in expressing themselves through their artwork and do not get involved in the politics, money or what people think.

    • True, Jeanne. I just don’t like art to be contaminated as it is.

  • Audrey Johnson

    Art is creation and it is as unique and individual as we are. Compromise is choosing to deny a part of ourselves for perceived benefit. Sometimes compromise is good for art; sometimes it is not. Compromise should not be an attack on personal integrity or sense of wholeness. When it is, there is a tremendous risk in selling your soul little by little to the highest bidder until in the end there is little if any trace of you. On the other hand compromise that allows our creation to become a fuller and richer expression of who we are, or who God wants us to be, or who He is can simply be called growth. When God is calling what you are doing good that is all that matters. Only He, The CREATOR, can tell us when we are helping or hurting the gift He has given and ultimately who we are answerable. So the only question that matters is, “Am I pleasing Him

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