Color. Cut. Clarity. by June Miller

Print Length: 193 pages
Publisher: Official Writers League
Publication Date: June 30, 2015
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Michelle, Bridget and Darlene are three best friends growing up in a notorious Brooklyn housing project known for its high poverty, deadly violence and relentless murders, who are about to change their circumstances when one of them gets the chance of a lifetime.

After witnessing a robbery gone bad by a neighborhood thug named Tone, Michelle is left with the bag of stolen money. Seeing it as an opportunity to build a relationship with her dope fiend mother as well as change her and her friend’s financial status, she starts her own drug empire with the help of her mother and her friends. When she gets an unexpected call from Tone about the stolen money he gave her to hold, they hit it off and become romantically involved.

New to the game, Michelle is schooled on the dangers and pitfalls and doesn’t take it lightly. Her first introduction to tragedy is when her mother is brutally murdered. She vows revenge to anyone involved and turns up the heat and becomes a queen pin and births her crew – Precious Jewels.

Michelle is set up and robbed but turns the table on her assailant, committing her first murder but later finds out it was Tone’s young cousin. Telling Tone is the least of the problems that are beginning to plague the PJ crew – more murder, lines of friendship are crossed, love is lost while betrayal and revenge become the height of the disloyalty.

Witness the rise of the youngest and most profitable female crew in Tompkins, Precious Jewels and watch to see if they can survive the game with their friendships, relationships and love or will the Precious Jewels become worthless and lose its Color. Cut. Clarity.


Color. Cut. Clarity. is about three girls who grew up in the hood of Brooklyn. Everything changes for these girls after they witness a robbery at a store. One of the girls, Michelle recognizes who it is. A boy named Tone who always picked on her. Before the cops arrested and sent him to prison, he handed her a bag of money he stole and asked her to keep it in a safe place for him. She obliges, but since she is young, poor and lives in the projects with her grandmother, her mind started scheming about the things she could do and get with all that money. She tells her homegirls, Darlene and Bridget, that she was keeping the money for herself. She figured Tone would be in prison for awhile, so it was her money now.

Michelle’s mother was never around because she was a dope fiend. She was desperate for her mother’s love and attention that she was willing do anything. Even sell drugs, which is precisely what she did. She devises a plan with her mother and her man, and before they knew it, they were making a ton of money. Until a tragic turn of event occurred; her mother and man were shot and thrown off the roof of her building. Michelle was devastated and vowed to avenge her death.

Color. Cut. Clarity. is about love, lies, secrets, betrayal, murder and treachery at best, and how it plays out with surprising twists and turns.

June Miller is a beast with his pen, and a phenomenal story teller. His characters are well developed and real. Reading this book was like watching a movie or being on a roller coaster ride.

The ending was pure fire. I sincerely hope June Miller writes a sequel because I want to know what happens next.

June Miller is the published author of, This Game Has No Loyalty, an urban street fiction novel depicting real life on the streets and the love relationships within those parameters.

His love of writing was first discovered in public school where he dazzled teachers with his creative short stories and intriguing poems. His writing was officially acknowledged locally when one of his stories was featured in his class yearbook.

As June reached his teenage years, he abandoned his love of writing for the dangerous life on the streets of Brooklyn. Although he was educated, the excitement of the street life interested him and he quickly took part in petty crimes, which soon elevated into the introduction to the infamous drug trade where he became a major distributor of illegal drugs out of state. During his illicit activities he was apprehended and convicted then later incarcerated. Once released on parole, he reclaimed his spot in the drug trade and continued trafficking illegal drugs, the threat of violating parole a fleeting thought. His youth and inexperience in life fueled his desire for illegal tender without the thought or regret of contributing to the destruction of his community.

As time passed all of his relationships, social, personal and romantic, became strained due to the nature of his business. His life lacked stability despite the illusion of financial comfort. He was responsible for himself so there was never any balance in his life until the birth of his first daughter, who changed the way he viewed life…her life. June decided to make changes in his life and immediately enrolled into college where he rediscovered his love of writing, showcasing his literary abilities that were recognized by his English professors.

While pursuing his degree, tragedy struck and one of his closest friends was brutally murdered. Overcome by anger and revenge he channeled his emotions into something that came to him naturally, he wrote the story. It didn’t heal the wound to his heart but was therapeutic in helping him express feelings no one knew about. The story was buried along with his feelings for 10 years until one day he came across it after coming from a funeral for yet another fallen youth to the same game he had given up. At that moment he decided to write a story, a true to life account of what happens in the streets with hopes of reaching the youth by delivering vivid accounts of the pitfalls of the street life that is not taught to them and at the same time, promote literacy in these communities because it’s the gateway to learning and sparking mental creativity.

June began penning his novel This Game Has No Loyalty and incorporated his own experiences into his writing to produce the “realness” his story needed to capture his audience.

June is also the author of This Game Has No Loyalty II – Hustle for Life and This Game Has No Loyalty III – Love is Pain published by FourShadough Publishing, a book publishing company that is rooted in the promotion of literacy in urban neighborhoods here and abroad.

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