Where Faith Grows by Joseph Iregbu

Today’s guest post is by Joseph Iregbu. Joseph leads on purpose and is passionate about raising the next generation of leaders. He is the author of Even in the Well and a free eBook Lines of Impact. He lives in Germany with his wife and daughter, and is a coach and mentor to young leaders across Europe and Africa. You can connect with him on Twitter @J_Iregbu, and his blog, where you can read about his Story of Hope.


Have you ever heard the phrase: “Just take a step of faith?”

I have, almost every week. It’s a good phrase. It’s powerful too, and church folks love it. But here’s the problem: we have become too familiar with Christian jargon that we no longer understand what they mean in reality.

Taking a step of faith means you have to move. Well, you cannot do that by sitting on the couch all day. You must do something. For some, it might mean to dust your résumé and apply for that job, or take on that part time work you would rather not do so you can pay the bills in the meantime, or volunteer at the charity organisation where you get to impact lives locally while waiting for your big break on national level.

Faith Grows in Unexpected Places

Next time you ‘pray’ for faith, God is saying; “Start doing”.

Faith grows in unexpected places. No one experiences transformation under a sunny beach, sipping red wine. You could try. But it probably won’t work.

True transformation is not experienced in the place of ease. We experience faith in hard places, when we make hard choices. We must be willing to step into the unknown like Abraham, not knowing where God was leading, but trusting that He was faithful to lead well.

You cannot simply ‘pray’ faith into your life. Trusting God doesn’t come by meditation but action. You have to ultimately do something to demonstrate you believe. Don’t get my wrong; praying is fundamental. You must do that. Oh how we ought to pray more! Praying is indeed a demonstration of faith to some extent.

My point is that there are times we become so spiritual about issues that God has given us the platform to deal with. We become overly holy; we convince ourselves “I am seeking the face of the Lord” when God has clearly given us His leading on the matter. In doing this, we often fail to maximize His known purpose and will for our lives.

Faith Embraces Pain

We grow faith when we act. We grow faith when we step into the messiness of life and get our hands dirty, doing the work we may not naturally desire while we trust and wait for God’s leading on the next move. That certainly contrasts with a life of ease. Why? Because faith embraces pain.

Faith is not theoretical but practical. Faith is life. And life comes with making hard choices at times.

What practical and hard step will you commit to take this week to grow your faith?

  • Thanks Pilar for the platform to share with your audience. It’s a great privilege!

    • The honor is mine. I hope you post again. Blessings to you my friend.

  • Mr. Iregbu, what a wonderful post. Thank you for being my guest at Ordinary Servant today. It’s my absolute pleasure to have you. 🙂

  • Joseph, this is a very nice article. I liked this sentence especially: You have to ultimately do something to demonstrate you believe.

    How true it is that our lives must reflect the God who lives in us! Thanks for the reminder, my brother.

    • Charles, I agree with you. Truth is, we know this theoretically; we just need to live it out. So glad that God’s grace abounds for us to do so. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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  • Thanks for sharing this post, Joseph!
    I’m an introvert. I like to write, and hate public speaking. I get nervous, stutter and stammer a lot, and feel really uncomfortable doing so. It is not the type of “platform” I imagined. But God opened the door for me to share with a group of women on my experience in missions this weekend. So, I’m stepping out in faith and have agreed to speak at this local ladies event. I’m scared, but know that God is going to use my words to encourage these ladies… someway, somehow.
    My prayer is that my faith will grow because of this experience. That when I do something I don’t naturally desire, that He will get the glory for it, but I will also grow in ways I couldn’t imagine.

    • Denise, that’s an amazing testimony and it reaffirms exactly what God is saying to us through this post, I believe. I have no doubt stepping into this new domain will cause you to grow. No doubt. I’m blessed by your story already.

      • Thanks, Joseph. Speaking at the event went well. I left feeling so inspired by this group of women who had been serving the Lord for more years than I’ve even been alive! It was humbling to be able to encourage them and be encouraged in return.

        • Amazing! God is awesome. I pray for more of this for you.

  • Great thoughts, Joseph. “Faith embraces pain.” Sometimes I am okay with this…and the other times this scares the heck out of me.

    • Eileen, you’re not alone! We find grace at such times.

  • I love this Joseph “You have to ultimately do something to demonstrate you believe.” Faith must show up in our actions.

    I know that sometimes we must come to that place of ‘rest’ (as in, ‘having done all stand’) but even then, its not inactive faith. Awesome post.

    • There’s a place of rest for sure, but Godly rest doesn’t necessary mean what we consider human rest. Rest takes faith; trusting that God is faithful and everything will be alright, even in the storm. That takes faith too. Thanks for sharing, Ngina.

  • I chose to connect with God by reading my Bible and praying.Then I make sure my actions and attitude aline with the words of God. Great thoughts.

  • DonyaDunlap

    I’m struggling with this right now. How do faith and practicality balance? My spirit says they don’t and you have to trust that God will work through your faith to provide. Not an easy concept to consider when you are at the precipice of the cliff of the unknown. Thank you for these thoughts.

    • Hey Donya, great tension there and a good question – how do you reconcile faith and practicality. First, it depends on what you define practicality as in your context. Faith in itself is practical. Because we have the spirit of God in us, our decisions are both faith-filled and practical. Of course, we don’t always get it right and it’s not an easy concept like you said. In my mind, every Christian’s faith is his practicality (at least should be)… By faith, Abraham went (practical) not knowing where he was going but trusting that He that called was faithful. God bless and encourage you in your walk.

      • DonyaDunlap

        Very true! I once heard that it isn’t a leap of faith of you’re trusting in an Almighty God to catch you! Hard sometimes to truly leap, but the catch is worth the momentary “free fall.”

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  • davejarnold16@gmail.com

    Joseph – Great post. I love the line: “Faith grows in unexpected places.”
    It’s so true. And often God puts us in those unexpected places so our faith grows stronger. Blessings to you!

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