Just Don’t Do Porn

This is what I wrote on my Facebook status yesterday after posting this article.

When I posted it, I wasn’t intending to spark a debate. I was only trying to bring light to the spiritual climate.

I decided to amplify and address my views here as there was an implication about my being judgmental.

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For the record, I am judging the entire porn industry. I refuse to sugar coat what is.

Pornography is wrong and the entire industry is evil. There is nothing good or wholesome about it. I personally think it’s repulsive and shouldn’t exist at all.

God tells us to discern and judge. Ultimately, God knows man’s hearts and what motivates them.

I can’t imagine God is just sitting back, watching and thinking how great the sex industry is. It must grieve His heart terribly.

The entire industry is motivated by the flesh, carnal desires, sinful lusts and greed.

In 1 John 2:16, For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world.

It says in 2 Corinthians 4:4, In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.

Who is the god of this world? Satan.

Who created and controls the sex industry? Satan.

When people say those in the porn industry are victims and don’t know any better. I would have to point them to Romans 2:14-15:

Even Gentiles, who do not have God’s written law, show that they know his law when they instinctively obey it, even without having heard it. They demonstrate that God’s law is written in their hearts, for their own conscience and thoughts either accuse them or tell them they are doing right.

I could have been a statistic, I had every excuse to do so, but I chose not to.

We all have choices. Every single one of us walking the face of this earth has choices. God has blessed us with the gift of free will and choice.

Those pursuing a career in pornography are aware of the dangers involved in that life. They are not ignorant to what they are doing, which is why a huge majority do drugs.

They sell their bodies as a commodity.

To say, they don’t know anything else, is to lessen them to sub human with no sense of rationale.

They do have choices, but they choose to sell themselves because that’s where they make the most money and that’s something they are not willing to give up. The majority in that industry are not victims as they are choosing to do what they do for the love of money which is the root of all evil. (1 Timothy 6:10)

If they live in America, they also can’t say they’ve never heard the Gospel. This country is inundated with the Gospel all over the place.


Personally, I find the Christian community wanting to sugar coat everything.

They talk a lot about love, but love is a verb, not just a word. Loving someone is telling them the truth.

But no one wants to hear or speak the truth anymore. Christians don’t want to hear about sin, judgment or repentance.

Christian’s only want to listen to the Joel Osteen’s of the world. They want their ears tickled. (2 Timothy 4:3)

All these ‘feel good’ messages. This is the kind of gospel they want to listen to. It’s a man made gospel, not the Bible.

They pick and choose, they only focus on the verses they like and spit out what they don’t like.

Everything to them is wonderful, beautiful and grand, when quite frankly, it’s not. But, they are either not paying attention or sleeping.

Christians don’t want to speak up anymore, they are afraid of offending or coming across as judgmental. Judging has become a crime now and discernment has gone out the window.

However, by not discerning or judging the time and by turning away from truth, Christians have made a god of their own understanding and thus, the Church has become powerless.

The Church needs to rise up and speak the truth again, so that people can repent, turn away from their sins and be saved.

Time is running out.

  • PIlar, I agree on how bad porn is. It’s evil, it promotes violence against women, it’s abusive, and it dishonours God and women. It’s just wrong. And we should never, ever sugarcoat it at all.

    Before I go on, I also want you to know how much i value you, and your writing, and any disagreement below is merely my own opinion, it’s not personal.

    Here’s the thing . The majority of female porn stars come from abusive homes. Many don’t know Jesus before they get into porn. Or come from poverty. And they feel so worthless and hopeless they get sucked in easily by the vindictive people who run porn companies – they are the real perpetrators here. And sad to say, it’s mostly men who are the perpetrators too.

    Jesus said we shouldn’t throw stones – we are all sinners, we all deserve judgement, porn or no porn. I agree we should never sugarcoat porn, and it must be exposed for the evil it truly is, but to condemn those who star in it as a blanket sweeping statement – and forgive me if that wasn’t your intention, but it’s how it comes across – is unfair.

    And as Christians we aren’t called to judge or condemn. That’s God’s job, and He says there’s no condemnation for people who follow Him. He didn’t condemn the woman caught in adultery, He loved her and challenged her to go and live differently.

    Instead of approaching porn stars with judgement which will drive them away from God, we must give them a glimpse of their true worth. Tell them they are better than the filthy, peverted porn they give themselves to, and have a bigger destiny and hope than that. Yes, they must take responsibility for what they have done, justice must be done, but let’s instead give them a glimpse of who they can be, what they can do, of a better life. Because once these women get a glimpse of a better life in Christ, they will leave porn behind.

    And for the wicked men who abuse women in the porn industry, let them meet justice, let’s make sure they know there are consequences for their actions.

    There’s nothing wrong with feel good messages – as long as they challenge us to take responsibilty for our lives and pursue justice, not try and water things down.

    I hope you understand I am not disagreeing with you completely, just wanting to add some context and perspective. And I count you as a friend and sister in Christ, and love your writing.

    Be blessed.

    • James, thanks for your honest comment. I think it’s good that you posted this response. This actually represents the point of view of the majority of Christians today.

      I agree, that some who are in the porn industry fell victim of it. But a large percentage of them are there by choice and for the money they make. They see it as a business.

      I am compassionate to those who have been abused and victimized. Heck, I’ve been abused and victimized myself, so I would be a complete hypocrite.

      I want to ask you a question, and I say this with all the love and respect I can muster right now, but this philosophy and this love that you speak of, why isn’t this love being translated in the Church and why aren’t there more souls saved? Why are things getting worse, with even the larger majority of nonjudgmental and loving Christians that there are now, why are things getting worse, why isn’t anyone being changed, why aren’t people turning away from their sins and toward Jesus?

      Where are the Finney’s, Ravenhill’s and Wilkerson’s in this world?

      They have been replaced by a feel good philosophy which doesn’t convict, but only appeases the flesh and limits Christians to derision.

      The Church has become ineffective and powerless, James. Don’t you see it? You say Christians like me are lacking love, being unfair and judgmental. And yet, the majority think and believe like you and the world, continues to go to hell. With all the love being preached at the pulpits throughout America religiously, yet, there is no change.

      Children are being raped and filmed, the porn industry is flourishing, there are more porn stars than ever, the business is booming, it’s the biggest money making business in the world.

      Christians, speak about loving them to Jesus and for the life of me, I don’t see it happening. I see the contrary. I see a hedonistic, lifeless, powerless, mockery being committed. It’s atrocious.

      I write this with deep respect and also, not personally directed at you, but responding in truth, which is what I promised and committed to do.

      Thanks for listening.

      • Thanks for commenting, and I appreciate and accept the respect and honesty behind it. None of this is personal, just a healthy debate honestly sharing opinions.

        But I have to say, if people don’t preach love they are not preaching Jesus. If people are procaliming ‘unless you convert you’re going to hell’ they are preaching God is a terrifying, horrible Father just out to get us, waiting to send us all to hell, a God who is distant, unloving, and waiting to condemn us. And this is what drives people away from church in their droves. A church which tells gays to stay away or repent of sin, rather than loves and accepts them, meeting them where they are as Jesus did.

        All this unspeakable evil is happening, and the way to solve it is not to judge. But to love. International Justice Mission amongst others is doing an amazing job preaching justice and love, and very practically helping women and children out of slavery and abuse. They do this not with a spirit of judgement but of love, of loving our neighbour.

        Love demands freedom, and people have to be free to make their own choices or it’s simply a God of obligation, terror and fear.

        One of the causes of these problems is the fear people have when it comes to God – it drives them into the arms of consumerism, secularism, which is, like a lot of Christianity, about what you have to do to get ‘saved’ – or be accepted, or be worthwhile, in secular culture. It’s all conditional when God’s love was never conditional. It’s contract not covenant, judgement not grace.

        Love is not about being happy either – it’s about justice, which means people facing the consequences of their actions, recognising it’s not all okay, and people need to take responsibility. Love speaks the truth.

        The love you seek isn’t in the church because the church as I see it, with the religious right in the States, doesn’t want to accept it. It wants a God who will suit their opinions, who hates and judges and condemns, who allows them to feel superior to everyone else. A God who limits women when women are clearly gifted and called to leadership and teaching, a God who hates gays when God loves all of us, and a God who almost takes pleasure in sending people to hell. And some Christians prefer this God because He suits them, because it’s comfortable.

        The loving kind of church is in a minority in the States. People like Rob Bell are called heretics when they are actually the ones speaking the truth, and speaking the gospel – love, grace, forgiveness, justice, discipleship, equality, and honesty before God, that God is bigger than we imagine.

        The porn industry is booming because of culture, not the church. And because it has so much money in it, it’s not going to dissapear overnight. XXX Church is doing amazing things in this area, helping Christians tackle their addictions and also taking a stand against the porn industry, and they are making a difference.

        There are Christians and Christian organisations around – most of them rooted from this loving type Christianity – who do fight back against these dark forces.

        All Christians are hypocrites – all of us screw up. And sometimes things often get worse before they get better. Because there are groups of Christians fighting back, they are out there making a difference. It might not be seen everywhere, but small change is being made. Christians are tackling the water crisis too – Charity Water is run by Christians – so you see, there are many groups of Christians out there who aren’t settling for this, aren’t letting things stay as they are. It’s not easy as they are a minority, so culture will not change overnight. Only 1% of people in my country are now regular church attenders, might be a little more now, but that’s it. But still, Christians do make a difference. Still, some churches are growing.

        Hope is not lost. And it’s the love, not condemnation of God, which ultimately wins through. Love never fails, as it says in scripture. And it doesn’t. To coin a phrase, love wins.

        As with you, I write this with the greatest of respect, and not aimed at you personally, but I’m sharing my heart here and being very honest. Thanks for understanding.

        What encourages me is that although we disagree, we can disagree in love, and deep at our heart, we both want the kingdom of God to become a reality – and I believe it can, in small ways, if we look for it and work for it, right here, right now.

        • James, we are called to judge sin. Truly. Jesus judged the Pharisees, and they were sinners too. Casting stones and judging sin are two different things. I am not beating up on porn stars or functioning outside of love’s parameters in speaking the truth.

          We are all called to different things. My calling is different from yours. I have my own lane and I am going to walk in it despite the accusations, objections and differences of opinions, I am not concerned with that. I am a mouthpiece for God and I am going to write what He tells me. No matter what.

          At the end of the day, as you know, I answer to Him. I alone will answer for my walk and anything I do or say. I am convinced that I am in His will.

          • PIlar, thanks for being so honest. Personally I don’t believe we are called to judge sin. Jesus had the right to judge, we don’t. I believe casting stones and judging sin are the same. Naming sin, yes, we can all to that, and telling people they are in sin and need to change, yes. But judging, no.

            As you say, we both have our own callings, and we both answer to God for what they are at the end of the day.

            If you believe you are in His will, I completely respect that and would encourage you to pursue that, I believe too I am in His will, and will continue my own journey.

            My hope would be that even though we disagree on many things, we can still have healthy discussion, healthy relationship, and remember that fundamentally we both want people to know and love Jesus, and live the way of Jesus. And ultimately, that’s more important.

          • I do not believe casting stones and judging are the same. Meanwhile, if truth be told, I could point out right now that you are judging me based on my post. You have never met me in person, but by my post you have already determined I am one of ‘those’ Christians. You believe the Rob Bell’s and Bill Johnson’s are the minority, when they are not. In any event, when it comes down to convictions, people believe they are right. If you didn’t think I was wrong, your comments would have reflected such. You read my post and judged it. You determined you needed to let me know, or politely set me straight. You did it respectfully, which is why the conversation was had. But as I told another friend last night. My views, thoughts, ideals, beliefs, faith, etc, are my own. I am not disrespecting anyone. I am posting things on my Wall and my blog. If it hits a nerve with some people, so be it. But I am going to write what God puts on my heartt and I make no apologies for that. I will not censor my writing to appease you or anyone else for that matter. I write this with the utmost respect. Going forward, if you feel this passionate about something and need to judge my personal views and convictions (which many others share in) then I humbly request you write and address it on your platform. Thank you, James.

          • Pilar, I am not judging you and am sad it’s come across that way. I am merely expressing my opinion, and I was in no way criticising you at all, and it was never personal at any point on my part.

            I made clear it’s okay for us to disagree – and above all what we both agree on is that we both love Jesus, both despise porn and both want people to know Jesus.

            You should never feel you have to censor your writing, and I wasn’t implying that you should, and again, I’m sorry it came across that way.

            I am not judging your views and convictions, and agree with many of them – though obviously not all – just expressing my own perspective in love.

            Please forgive me, I had no intention to upset you, judge or condemn you, or make you feel you had to sensor your writing. I hope you know that.

            Whatever we disagree on, that shouldn’t get in the way of what we agree on, or of a healthy relationship. I will not comment anymore on this topic here, as I don’t want to upset you and I don’t want to ruin our relationship.

            God bless Pilar.