Microwavable Art

Recently, I’ve become bored with blogs. I find myself yawning as I read blog posts by popular bloggers. Yes, even bloggers with huge followings.

I started to think about why I’ve become bored with their writing and blogs.

Courtesy of Creative Commons

While reading this morning’s post by Seth Godin (which sparked this post), he mentions, “everyone is making noise and there is generally useless stuff being written.”

What I call “useless stuff” is microwavable or recyclable writing.

There is just so much I can read about “Five ways to do this” and “Seven ways to do that”.

Reading their blogs is like eating stale bread.  It is bland, boring and dull.

There is no originality anymore. Forgive me if I sound like a snob, I don’t mean to.

Who knows, perhaps it’s just me… maybe following popular blogs, bloggers or blogging isn’t for me.

I don’t want to read mediocre writing anymore. My time is precious and whatever I ingest, I want it to be substantive. Not some cheap substitute for the real thing.

Have you ever wondered what happened to the art in the 1500, 1600 and 1700’s?

Such as, Mozart, Beethoven and Shakespeare?

Where did the caliber of art go?

There was none of the microwavable art that we see today.

Artists respected art. Now artists prostitute and exploit art for their own gain or recognition.

The artists of the past were givers, not takers.

Today everyone wants in on the game. They want a piece of the pie. It’s all about them.

There is no respect for art anymore. Just a bunch of recyclable trash that does not edify anyone.

Artists need to recognize they have a responsibility to humanity to be good stewards of art and the gifts God blesses them with.

Do you agree or disagree and why?

  • Greg Goode

    Pilar, I totally share your enthusiasm for quality in writing. Why expend my limited readerly time on bland, cliché’d, recycled, microwaved communications from others? And quite often, they didn’t even write it themselves! They just cribbed or copied from someone else…
    I see this as applying to myself as well. Why inflict mediocrity on others? So I feel inspired to write as well as I can. I want to be respectful of other people’s limited time too!

    • I agree, Greg. I want to also be respectful to other people’s limited time. I appreciate your thoughtful response. Thank you for taking the time to comment.

      • Greg Goode

        Thanks! Hey, I have to change my picture!!!

  • I’m with you Pilar. I feel the same way many times, honestly. I try not to. I try to concentrate on what I can affect and leave the rest alone. Keep encouraging folks and don’t be discouraged by others’ successes. Inspire those who need your words. Be that unique voice to your audience. Thanks for your post today!

  • Pilar, I totally agree–it’s time to tell new stories. You’ve got a story inside you ready to share–we all do–I encourage you to share it.

    • Jim, I would say you and Tammy rate as the best encouragers on earth. Thank you so much. 🙂

  • I hear what you are saying and I’ve experienced it too. I do like when I come across a topic/idea that has been written about so many times BUT the writers has gleaned a new lesson OR they share a personal story and it inspires me in a whole new way.

    • Thank you for sharing this, Eileen. It does give me pause and something to think about. 🙂