Reborn Dreamer

This is Jon Acuff. He was kind enough to pray for me while I was dying of laughter. I was laughing so hard they were going to have to carry me out on a stretcher. I kid you not.

Anyone who can make me laugh and cry in one sentence is seriously gifted. I tried to hold back (as I was sitting in the front row) but to no avail. I couldn’t help myself. I do not remember laughing and crying so much in a long time. My stomach still hurts days later from attending the Quitter Conference.

I believe the Lord wanted me at this conference. I had all the excuses in the book not to go, but yet and still, I felt the nudge of God telling me to go. The week leading up to the conference all hell broke loose. I can see why now, I was blessed beyond measure.

I have to be honest and admit that initially I did not have high expectations. I was even wondering if I was wasting my time and money by going. Also, leaving my family behind was definitely not my comfort zone. My boys were not feeling my leaving them.

As as matter of fact, my eldest son told me to never to do that again. He said next time I have to take him with me so he can make sure I am ok. I guess next time we’ll have to make it a family vacation.

Initially, I thought the Quitter Conference was just a lot of hype. But I was so wrong. This conference was unlike any other conference I have been to in my entire life. I am not exaggerating.

I can see why everyone makes a big deal about Jon Acuff. He is such an authentic, down to earth and great guy. I had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with him a couple of times at the conference.

Let’s just say this conference made me believe in my dreams again. Hello world, my name is Pilar and I am a reborn dreamer.

Besides hearing Jon Acuff, I also got to hear wonderful speakers such as Al Andrews, Matt Chambers, Jeff Goins and Alli Worthington. What an amazing line up.

Last but not least, the absolute treat of this conference was listening to Jon Acuff’s favorite band, Seryn. They are now my favorite band. I want everyone to know about Seryn because I had a spiritual experience listening to them. I have never felt so much joy listening to a band in my life.

I have been a lover of music my entire life. I am also a singer, so I have been exposed and my ear trained to know good music. This band is simply amazing. You must see them live to get the full effect. Each band member knows how to play several instruments extremely well. They are virtuosos.

Seryn’s lead singer Trenton Wheeler (isn’t that a cool name), absolutely poured himself out. He is an exceptionally talented artist. His voice is unique, his sense of rhythm impeccable and his gift of playing several instruments is out of this world.

I guarantee you if you see them play live, you will be mesmerized and left in a trance. Since hearing them, all I’ve been doing is talking about them. I am hoping they will come play in New York City.

Thanks to my dear Quitter friends, Jon Acuff and the Quitter Conference, I am a reborn dreamer. I have renewed hope to pursue my passions and dreams. I was able to reconnect with my deep love of music and singing by going to this conference. I am not too old and I haven’t missed the boat either. I am right where God wants me. So I am no longer dreading turning 46 in two weeks.

If there is one thing I took away from this conference is our dreams are not ours, but for others. I was deeply moved and inspired by this concept and it helped change my view of dreams.

In conclusion, I want to share a link of one of my favorite songs by Seryn. If you like their music, I encourage you to buy their latest CD on ITunes. You won’t be disappointed.

  • I know the Bible says “Do not Envy”, but surely God did not mean I could not be completely jealous of my friends that go to an amazing conference, while I was stuck at home cooking cabbage and sausage, mowing the lawn, and in general pouting that I could not even get a good enough connection to get the live streaming on Friday… then again, maybe that is what God meant.

    So excited for you my friend. Not to mention it sounds like the “old” Pilar is back! The one who dreams and encourages and smiles and laughs and makes everyone around her do and feel the same!

    Love you!

    • Dayna, up until the last minute, I wasn’t sure I was going, tickets and all… but I really sensed God wanted me there and I know why now. I needed it so badly. This conference gave me the jolt I needed to keep moving forward in my dream. I also learned the dream is not for me, but for others… that just simply spoke to me in the most radical way. Lord willing, we will both be at the next Quitter Conference. Thanks for believing in me when I didn’t.

  • Great post Pilar – I’m a HUGE Acuff fan or AcufFan for short. Thanks for sharing your Quitter experience!

    • Hi Tor, thanks for all your support and encouragement this past year. You are truly a blessing. I loved the Quitter Conference and Jon Acuff is simply amazing. He is the real deal. I was blown away at the conference.

  • Thanks for sharing. I love Jon Acuff’s blog. To hear him in person had to be a thrill. Oh, and Happy Birthday!!! Glad you had a great time.

    • The Quitter Conference was an experience of a lifetime. My birthday is on October 9th, but going to the conference was my birthday present from God and my husband. I was blessed beyond measure. Jon Acuff is amazing and had me laughing so hard for the entire conference. He’s absolutely gifted and a wonderful person.

  • Glad you had a great time, Pilar. I really, really want to make the next conference.

    • It was exceptional. I pray you are able to go, you won’t be disappointed. 🙂

  • Pilar, I’m so glad you were able to go! It was such a pleasure meeting you. What a great bunch of folks!!

    • Jim, you deserve a Quitter medal. Seriously, you are a huge supporter and if it wasn’t for your encouragement, I wouldn’t have gone. So thanks to you, I went and experienced something amazing. Thank you!

      • You are so kind and so very welcome! I’m not sure about a Quitter medal, but I’d love to work more with Jon on growing the Quitter community. That is something I’m very passionate about.

        • You are awesome Jim, seriously. Jon Acuff, me and everyone else are blessed to know you.

  • Love it!! I am so excited for you. I felt the same eat after my first conference. It is never too late! So excited to see what God has in store!

    • Thanks Tammy, I have you to thank as well for encouraging me to go. You have been such an encouragement all along, which I will be forever grateful. I am so glad we are friends. You are truly a blessing.

  • So cool, Pilar! Thanks for sharing your Quitter story!

    I need to go to this conference someday.

    And Seryn is some good sounds!

    • Thanks for dropping by and reading it. I really hope you do go, you would really enjoy it. Seryn is phenomenal. 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by Chad. I do hope you get to go. Seryn is just amazing to hear live.

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